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Khysion: The lunatic Sadacha doesn't want to face the truth

Post by MRed » 23 Dec 2017, 16:17

You're a Zoomali and I'm Oromo, if I had the chance to kill you then I would have taken it. It's that simple because I have a desire to take your life, this lunatic doesn't understand the Oromo-Zoomali hatred. This lunatic will get himself killed very soon. Zoomalis are hunting anyone who's Oromo and Oromos are hunting all Zoomalis.

As I said, nobody will stop this war. Thousands wouldn't have to die if this hatred didn't exist. This hatred existed since 1970s so, this isn't something Woyane created out of thin air but will this idiot just shut up? He has been living in his fantasy but very soon reality will eat him up just like reality killed Bekele Gerba or how Merara Gudina will never see freedom again.

What's wrong with all of these people?

They refused to acknowledge the real reality and for example the idiot Merara Gudina had the chance in Europe to ask for asylum but he ran back to Ethiopia like a dog running back to his owner. He will never be free due to his [email protected] He has a PHD and any European nation would have taken him.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Zoomalis are screaming guul Liyu, guul TPLF and guul Agazi on FB but the animal Sadacha can't comprehend it anymore. He's calling everyone that disagrees with him Agame like that's going to make a difference. The animal Sadacha should get used to it since majority of Zoomalis love and support TPLF.

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Re: Khysion: The lunatic Sadacha doesn't want to face the truth

Post by Khysion » 23 Dec 2017, 18:12

MRed: I've met many people that I debated and I don't go aggressive but laugh and debunk their stupid claims in real life. But you're different, you're a galla and if I saw you person. I'm not going to lie but I'd probably beat you badly, but no kill you since we live in a modern society, but if it was somewhere in Africa than I'd take your soul away only if you tried to kill me.

As for Somalis, loving Tigray is not true. Only Ethio-Somalis love Tigrays. Somaliland and Djibouti don't like Tigray but are using them for their own interest. Somalia hates Tigray and the rest of Ethiopians and Somali Kenyans don't know who Tigrays are and are too busy overthrowing the Kikuyu leadership and the Somali Kenyans want to take over Kenya politically since they own the most lands and own Kenya economically.

Somalis are diverse mentally, you should have known this by now. :lol:

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