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Just like the past years once again God blessed the very rich and conspired to eradicate the poor

Post by Bwendimu » 23 Dec 2017, 10:51

This year the poor must refrain from going to house of the gods simply because our thanks and prayers produced nothing for us. We must take an action and stop obeying his rules and ignore all his laws. We must screw up his agents and shut down churches and mosques and force him to turn his face to us too. Gone the day he kill us and still enjoy our services. Human beings specially the poor stand up for your right and challenge this notorious gods who make our lives miserable.

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Re: Just like the past years once again God blessed the very rich and conspired to eradicate the poor

Post by Gobana » 23 Dec 2017, 11:34

God nothing to do with that, remember it's us who created all this. i will give you an example, the bible which is written by a white man for their benefit tells our people when they slap you on the right cheek, turn to them the other....however the white man enslave blacks and told them his an absolute master. they still doing that until this day. we just don't know it yet. if you go to ethiopian orthodix church and you will witness so-called jesus image, a white man with blond hair and blue eyes is the replica of their god. this is a psychological warfare wage by white men to control the mind of poor black people. however themselves they don't even believe in it. they are telling us we are your master and gods. it's us we accepted this fairy tell and let these people to enslave us.

No one has a right to your God-given soul, anyone trying to steal your freedom away you should fight them to the death. instead, most African countries accepted the white dominance in the name of Christianity. look at ethiopia we let the TPLF steal our money and loot our resources, are you blaming the TPLF for stealing or us for letting them go this far. who is to blame here?. we let them be masters, we let them rule us, it's all our fault. look at them now, we have no weapon but we are fighting like a lion, crippling them everywhere they go, now we started to get weapons our enemies start to banished from our faces. you know why because it's our God-given right to protect our land and our family. we will wipe them out if we have to, as long as they stay in our land as long as they are killing us we have a full right to do whatever it takes to free ourselves.

let me give you a quote by the greatest man ever lived ............

“The greatest miracle Christianity has achieved in America is that the black man in white Christian hands has not grown violent. It is a miracle that 22 million black people have not risen up against their oppressors – in which they would have been justified by all moral criteria, and even by the democratic tradition! It is a miracle that a nation of black people has so fervently continued to believe in a turn-the-other-cheek and heaven-for-you-after-you-die philosophy! It is a miracle that the American black people have remained a peaceful people, while catching all the centuries of hell that they have caught, here in white man’s heaven! The miracle is that the white man’s puppet Negro ‘leaders’, his preachers and the educated Negroes laden with degrees, and others who have been allowed to wax fat off their black poor brothers, have been able to hold the black masses quiet until now.”

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