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Re: Biggest Tigray enemies are Debretsion, Gebru, Tsadkan, Abebe, Seyoum, Arena, most Adwa clan: Save Tigray by all Tigrayans from the chigaram breeders, we cannot live together and we are not Ethiop

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 23 Dec 2017, 17:59

Ktesim Nab Geza Damatka Teleq Meleq Aytbel, Didaka???
Benn wrote:What a Dotard !

You are restless and sleepless because you have sensed that the end is nigh ! You have already seen the benign preview of what is to come !

Do you think that people can't see your insecurities and your vulnerabilities . Everyone is watching while you are begging for allies in Sudan (bending backward to accommodate their demands), begging for allies in the pathetic Somalis etc !

The die is now cast ! There is no escaping your destiny !

Halafi Mengedi wrote:Dektam Asami, who are you, where you from and show me your I D to tell you???
Benn wrote:What have you done for Ethiopians ? Are you talking about your act of dividing them ethnically and linguistically, and tying them in a fake Federal System that is controlled by a minority region ? Are you talking about the Federal System that is designed in such a way that it crumbles disastrously the moment the minority dominating the Federal System wishes so ?

You are saying exactly what Dergue (Mengistu) had been saying The Dergue had been saying that he had liberated you (Tigray and others) from the yolk of Feudalism and made you owners of your own land, and brought literacy and subsidized your province at the expense of other Ethiopian regions. But, he said that you repaid him by waging gorilla war to topple the System.

Now, you are saying the same thing to the rest of Ethiopians !!!!!

Halafi Mengedi wrote:
gearhead wrote:It is easy to publish a message from a bed in diaspora. You face none of the consiquences of your actions as you exist in a vacuum. Debretsion has to face thebpeople of tigrat first and the larger ethiopia. and

All you preach here is considered an absurdity in tigray. None of the small ethnic groups will stand with your solution that pins around dissolving ethiopia. Sure you can invent forces like liyyuu and create temporary havoc but everything that happens on the ground comes with consiquences. Addi Elley is the most wanted within certain somali clans and within the rest of ethiopia.
Your solution doesnt work. First there is no backing from most of the people including in tigray. Second, it is impossible to implement. They know that the minute that they discuss it in parliament, there will be an uprising and mutiny within the millitary that will move to arrest them swiftly.

Long time ago, i told you to have a rational outlook over TPLF. You still refuse to see them as men but insist that they are Gods. The amhara oromo have demistifed a TPLF that finds itself in old ans retarded paradigms.
Tigray is looking defiant like our fighters not wishy washy appeasers. Derg was impossible for you worthless to remove him but we removed him and we showed it to you what and how things should be done.

Halafi Mengedi
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Re: Biggest Tigray enemies are Debretsion, Gebru, Tsadkan, Abebe, Seyoum, Arena, most Adwa clan: Save Tigray by all Tigrayans from the chigaram breeders, we cannot live together and we are not Ethiop

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 24 Dec 2017, 02:08

sun wrote:Really? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Why are you getting neurotic and so restless, bombarding these guys with your constant non stop unrealistic and impractical doomed demands while yourself keep sitting in the western fast food restaurant's quit corner consuming king size coca cola to keep you awake for the bickering, and eating king size cheeseburgers?

Why don't you seek help from the Great God who is said to be omnipotent, omnipresent, etc. and have the ability to solve any problem any where at any time?

As your additional choice please seek help from one of the most miserable and Cushitic Somali clan to give you moral support and thus help go over your panic and neurotic sickness.

In spite of your wide open mouth arrogant and vulgar barking and rantings remember for your own good the fact that the great and humanist 45 million Oromos have been directly and indirectly feeding you honey and milk for the last 28 years and still keep doing so.

Why are you savagely biting the hands that feeds you honey and milk? Change your mind and the wrong course so that you may go over your pathological fear and feel the real Gada and egalitarian deep force. YES WE CAN!

Halafi Mengedi wrote:• Gebru Asrat is committed to leave Tigrayans under the Amhara and Gallaa. Does Gebru Asrat has brain to think and see what the future holds and see the country is heading to 250 million populations and Tigray will not have any future with those savages as we can witness right now yet Gebru Asrat is denying it Tigrayans to be Amharanized.

• Arena party is nothing but to be the dog and Nistro of Amharu to come to power by selling Tigray. Do not be fooled Tigray the country politics is not democracy as they deceive you but everything is about ethnic superiority and manipulations and Tigray should not immerse itself all over again after 17 years to free ourselves.

• Debretsion is coward appeaser who will sale Tigray to the enemies they are killing and insulting Tigrayans while Tigray generals are in charge of the country. Debretsion does not know what the hell he is taking about except against the true nationalist Abay Woldu. We know Abay Woldu is not corrupt but he was surrounded by Leba or looters but all the looters are with Debretsion right now. The question for Tigrayans is do you want a true nationalist Tigrayan who will not sale you out but surrounded by Meles looters or Debretsion coward who is preparing to sale Tigray and the Woyane organization who is surrounded by the same looters Abay Woldu had??? Think Tigraway!!!

• Tsadkan and Abebe Teklehaimanot are the biggest traitors who cannot see beyond heir belly and they wanted Tigray to be Amharanized since they live in Addis Ababa and their kids are Qonaduf Amharu. They never knew the agenda of the people of Tigray when they joined Woyane except emotion as youths. If those guys are honest and took responsibility about the plight of Tigray they would not advocate what they are saying right now. They never been in any Tigray woreda and how the people live, all their life is in Addis Ababa and their view is based their own comfort than what was the life of Tigray then and what is the life of Tigray today and why all Tigrayans joined Woyane.

• Seyoum Mesfine is the most disgraceful traitor does not have any Tigray nationalism despite he fought for 17 years. Every decision made in the country he was with the wrong issues. Seyoum advocated and proposed EPRDF to be a national party to go to the old system, this suggestion was prior the splitting of Woyane and all the executives laughed at him to suggest such thing after bitter struggle.

• Adwa, what can I say about them because I do not have enough words to express my anger, it is not because I am born to hate them but my parents sent me to school to learn history and everything I learned in my life about the Adwans is make you very angry when you think about the plight of Tigray. Any person or groups or ethnic or clan can make one or two mistakes but the mistakes should be lessons not to repeat them all over again. Adwa leader Gerlassie Barya was the point man of Minilik spy Tigrayans nationalists to be sent to Guzot. Adwa leader Gebrihat was the balomal and nechi lebash of Amhara who fought Tigray with Amhara to destroy Woyane first and Tigray people suffered for many years. Adwan leader Meles and Sebhat landlocked and converted Woyane to be Leba and shame of Tigray and most importantly they are Amharanizing Tigrayans and pushing hard Tigray to stay with the enemies of Amhara and Gallaa right now. The reason I want to bring all the past bad deed Adwa did to Tigray is to see how their fathers made colossal mistake in the past and recent past and learn from the mistakes and do the right thing for the people of Tigray. There is no reason Tigray to be Amharanized right now and Tigray will not be benefited if you leave them with Amhara but if Tigray leave the chigaram breeders then Tigray will be better off specially if we can recover looted Tigray lands and bring other smaller ethnics. Why is so hard for the Adwa clan cannot see it, is it because your love of Ethiopia and Amharic language because you came originally from Dembia south west of Gonder??? The Seraye are your clan who immigrated from the same area Dembia Gonder but they are very nationalist of Eritrea and they love Tigrigna not Amharic, why Adwa cannot be like the Seraye clan and be nationalist Tigray and Tigrigna language than always loyal Amhara and Amharic???

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