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How 2 Divide & Rule Cursed Land Tigray 4 Ever?: OOPS 2 Late Tigray Is Already Dead & Tplf As Well!!!. WEEY GUUD!!!

Post by tarik » 23 Dec 2017, 00:40

Cursed Land Tigray Update On z ethnic internal situation.
1- Tembiens and Endertas hate Adwans
2. All tigray ppl are angry at adwa people
3. The shire and adigrat and axum people r on z side of adwa ppl
4. the rest of tigrayans hate sebhat nega and everybody from adwa
5. tigray is living in a fear and every tigray man and woman don't trust each other
6. tigray ppl are mad at the local and federal government officials
7. Soon that anger will explose
8. Tigrayans are angry also at tplf for losing their kids into slavery all over the world
9. No water in tigray
10. Corruption is crazy in tigray. tigrayans are done with tplf too[/s

Fell free to add more to z list.... this is fact...