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Halafi Mengedi: The answers to your problems has always been the Zoomali sea

Post by Eth0ash » 22 Dec 2017, 23:20

If I was an Agame like you, I would focus on conquering Zoomali sea. You have already conquered their mind so, why not their sea? Listen up Agame, the Eritrean people are united in wars. They are united people with one Eritrean identity but the Zoomalis are tribal people. You Agames have been wasting decades on messing with Eritreans. You will never have their sea nor can you outsmart them but Zoomali is too easy.

Zoomali is so, much easier to conquer, as I said the habeshas don't like Zoomalis. Everything is about interest so, instead of wasting your Agame life on Eritrea, maybe you should be conquering Zoomalis but not Djibouti. You can't conquer Djibouti because it has lots of foreign bases. I would try Puntland, I would use Illey to conquer Puntland for me. He's your slave and nothing else.

Which sea do you want?

Think about it, connect Agame region to Afar region to Zoomali region to Puntland/Galmuduug. This will give you the sea you need. I know you were barking with your Zoomali friends but this is about interest. Your interest is conquering and to have a sea not making friends. You will be taking Galmuduug and Puntland into the new Agame country. If you want sea then Eritrean or Sudanese sea will never be yours but the easiest sea to conquer is Zoomali sea.....

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Re: Halafi Mengedi: The answers to your problems has always been the Zoomali sea

Post by Khysion » 23 Dec 2017, 00:14

Eth0ash: So now you knew Oromos have lost the war then you want to use Tigray for your jealousy and hatred with Somalis? Sorry, it's not happening. Both Somalis and Tigrays have planned each other to establish greater states and alliances for each other in the coming future.

As for your map you have shown is completely fake. Since when did Puntland who has a smaller population and is economically and militarily inferior to Somaliland can control some of their territories? :lol:

This is the official federal map recognized by the U.N.


Lastly, you can dream about conquering Somali territories which will always stay as a dream.

Greater Somalia is a must and this will be the future. Image


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