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Kenya has the entire Jubaland in its hands

Post by MRed » 22 Dec 2017, 23:14

It has KDF in Kismayo and its surroundings plus it has the sea which it will be using for the new discovery of oil. Kenya now has the MOU signed, it's over. The Zoomalis must surrender their land and sea to Kenya or prepare for war. [email protected] Zoomali, you will pay for playing with the bantus. I have message for Borana community in Kenya and that is to join the army in masses. We must stand with our bantu brothers and take the entire Jubaland under Kenya.

As an Oromo, I support Kenya 100% percent. I support anyone who makes the Zoomali ethnic weak.... :lol: :lol: :lol:


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Re: Kenya has the entire Jubaland in its hands

Post by Khysion » 22 Dec 2017, 23:59

MRed: Pay for what? Enslaving them? Raiding them? Stealing their land? :lol: :lol: :lol: These f*cking n*ggers are the same people that committed genocide against our southern Cushitic brothers who were closely related to both Somalis and Oromos and you don't praise Somalis taking vengeance? We'd reach Tanzania or possibly northern Mozambique if those stupid Europeans never stopped our expansion against those filthy Bantus. I have 0 remorse for those Bantu invaders in southeast Africa which historically belong to southern Cushites until the Bantu expansion. I am proud what my ancestors did to them, plus why you getting into southern Somalia politics when your beef is with the 8 million Somalis in Ethiopia with their own federal region?

My Galla brother. Do you not realize that Kenya is not allowed to set foot in Jubbaland after the Darood, Rahanweyn and Hawiye made an agreement to establish a federal state with a good flowing economy and a strong army which defeated Al-Shabaab and established a massive seaport known as Kismayo as it's capital with many agricultural farmlands on the Jubba valley. Jubbaland has a population boom and also an economic boom. They are currently doing better than Jubbaland and Jubbaland government already threaten Kenya several times and Kenya has kept silence ever since.

As for Kenya. Do you not realize Somalis are one of the largest tribes in Kenya with their own autonomous region and neighbourhood in Nairobi? They economically dominate Kenya and settled in the most fertile lands in Kenya where Tana river has been settled by Somali farmers. Somalis in Kenya are breeding fast and have already taken over the business and eventually, they'll take over politically and continue the Somali expansion in Kenya and become the largest tribes in Kenya. Trust me it's working and you'll see in future when Somalis completely take over. :lol:

God bless the Somali Kenyans who are balling hard and have already planned a project for Somali take over in Kenya. 8)

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