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Galla faces wars from all directions

Post by Tigray People Fight » 22 Dec 2017, 20:35

The Gallas who committed untold genocide and henious crimes on innocent defenseless Ethiopians from different ethnic faces various wars from all directions.Ethiopia Somali who suffered the most barbaric atrocities by Gallas are preparing to open a war fronts on Galla from the East.The other nation nationalities of Ethiopia who were also suffered untold genocide, mutilation of bodies of Innocent Ethiopians by Galla are also preparing to open a war front against Galla from all directions of Ethiopia in the near future.Galla started thier foreign sponsor protest in the hope to back stabb thier liberators the Tigray People with collaboration of Amhara it's seems coming to bite Gallas and put them in endless civil wars in the fake region oromo.Ethiopia Somali got the support of all Ethiopians.

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Re: Galla faces wars from all directions

Post by gadaa2 » 22 Dec 2017, 22:17

Tigre evil, make sure you have 2 million Tigre around Ethiopia. You have helped evict 700,000 tousand Oromo AND help them killed 10,000. In Oromo culture an eye for an eye is implemented when time comes. 2 million-700,000+ 1.3 million is the last money you play with. Have mercy on croach tribe. They pay for what you did to Eritrea too, 80,000 eviction. Learn that history repeat itself.

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