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Bwendimu Christmas message say never take Christmas day serious

Post by Bwendimu » 22 Dec 2017, 19:42

Jesus was crucified for being a magician which he was. ( Assume he existed )He learnt this trade from Egypt and India. One of the secret of magic is its utilization of subconscious power. Our brain is divided to conscious and subconscious. Conscious part is symbolized to male subconscious is symbolize to female. Or moon and sun. Christianity is pure magical faith because the believers try to create things through what they call miracle which is the other name of magic. How do you do miracle? Well you appeal to Jesus a being that is buried deep into your subconscious. The conscious part of your brain does lots of rituals as well as talking favorable words to convince Jesus to demonstrate his magical power by altering reality you want change. Both magicians and priests dress in unique way to attract the subconscious ( female) part of their brain. Revocation and invocation are two important things in magic or miracle. The demons are the most important actors in magic. Demons were the old gods and kings. One of these demons characters is Lucifer or Enki the creater of man kind.
The angels are beleived to be those who are close to the real God not Jehova because Jehova in not God but Anunaki who was younger brother of Enki or Lucifer who was in charge of Eden and the protecter of Tablets of Desteny given to him as symbol ofauthority from Nibiru ruler his father Anu.
The secret of Angeles and demons are so deep and it requires free mind that brake religious boundaries and go into the ages that the Bible never speak about. Once you venture into those world you discover Christianit and Islam are lies that were created by humans who want enslave humanity. The story of Original sin of Adam and the salvation theory that was attributed to Paul ( a fictious being who never existed) was designed to cheat humanity. Because there was no original sin and no need of saviour the Christmas day is a fabrication too. There was no being called Jesus who was born on December 25 nor died and resurected. There is no heaven nor hell you need to worry about. But there is an idea of perfection of soul that leans on its activities for perfection other than leaning on some once actions. Stop going to Church and Mosque and try to find the way to perfection by understanding your own self. You are powerful being who can do any magic or miracle if you know how to utilize you conscious and subconscious brain.