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How this could happen even in the ethnic "Federal System" - what logic for OPDO & ANDEM

Post by kibramlak » 22 Dec 2017, 06:48

People are raising legitimate questions for equality and justice based on the proportion of the population each region represents under the current ethnic federal system. But, let's put aside the 6% fair share of TPLF for the sake of this discussion. I just want to ask based on the EPRDF executive power distribution, which is 9 for each if am not mistaken. How on earth TPLF controls 99% of leadership positions in literally all sectors of activities of the country if they have only 1/4 power within EPRDF??? If we talk about their 6% fair share, it cannot be more than 1/20 power distribution role.

I wish someone in the OPDO/ANDEM decision role could read this and give us how these has been accepted there for such a long time.