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Girma Birru-Kuma need to start corrupting Lemma Megersa

Post by MRed » 22 Dec 2017, 01:46

Start with drugs, prostitutes and move up to killings but start slowly so, he doesn't suspect anything. I beg you Kuma Demeksa to reveal the real Lemma Megersa to Oromos so, he could actually help us. What we want first is to morally corrupt him so, that he becomes a ruthless butcher. Corrupt him like TPLF corrupted Getachew Reda with drugs and prostitutes. Reda is enjoying unlimited prostitutes right now like Abdi Illey. Illey has his own girls for him in Jijiga, I heard they are entertainers who are habesha women that he recruited. The girls party with generals and Ethiopian politicians who are guest with him.

We are tired of nice school boy of Lemma Megersa....

Start with prostitutes, the president should unlimited Ethiopian prostitutes offered to him. He should get [email protected] at anytime he wants and I say start with cocaine if you are starting phase 2 aka getting the president addicted to drugs.

If I was part of OPDO, I would hire him his own 24/7 escort like this. He doesn't have the drugs, the killings and the prostitutes. How the heck is he suppose to be morally corrupted if he's surrounded by nice guys???? :lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope the president hired me...