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Oromo youth need to get out on the streets and demand Lemma Megersa

Post by Eth0ash » 22 Dec 2017, 01:05

To reveal himself, this [email protected] should stop pretending to be a nice a guy and show us his real face. This [email protected] was working for INSA and killed lots of people with them however now he is pretending to be a holy ghost and the son of god...... :lol: :lol: :lol:

We don't need a nice guy [email protected]@cker, the people need a strong dictator. What is wrong with this idiot, give the people the strong dictatorship they want. Give the Oromo people the Oromo dictatorship they always wanted. The Oromo people aren't looking for democracy or nice guy. They are looking for strong regime that's in-charge of the region. We need a president who supports killing, [email protected] and butchering and I know Lemma is capable of this. I still don't understand the act this guy is putting on. He has been a party member since 1996. No more acting, we need to see the real face of Lemma.

Message to Oromo youth: Tell Lemma Megersa to bring his real face, we don't want a nice guy. We need a strong Oromo dictatorship. Do whatever you want, just get the job done.