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Amara regional government is Baher Dar. Tigirai capital it Mekele. Finfinne is Oromiya and we are back to our town.

Post by Bwendimu » 21 Dec 2017, 16:36

Finfinne is Oromiya not region 14

Mekele is capital of Tigires not Dese simply Dese city is not where Tigires live but Mekele is. Baher Dar is capital of Amara not Awasa city because Awasa is not in Amara region. Mekele city is capital of Tigirai regional government and it remain under the regional government and never have special autonomy. For Finfinne to become Oromiya capital the first criteria it must fulfill is the same as the rest. Is the city located in Oromiya? After clearly knowing Finfinne is in Oromiya and it is Oromiya city just like Jimma, Shashamane or Nekemt it was picked to serve as capital of Oromiya. Just for very reason Mekele is not autimomious city but one of Tigirai cities and picked as seat of Tigirai government Finfinne was picked as seat of Oromiya government. As soon as it is picked as Oromiya capital it lose its special treatment as autonomous region of 14.
Oromos don't need to be defined on their cities. They should not fight for special treatment in their own cities. They should not given rights but they should be givers of right. It should not be Oromos who's rights should be protected by law but settlers who are guest of Oromos must ask for their rights. It must be other cultures and languages who should be protected from Oromos than Oromos from minority city citizens.
This bogus proclamation that was in its draft stage is making Oromos beggers of their right than givers and protecters of others right. By declaring Finfinne as capital of Oromiya the city loses its other adapted names. All what we ask is recognizing the return of Finfinne to the right owners the Oromos. Any other claim the city have region or autonomy is an imposed r identity. Such identities the city got from those who controlled it when Oromos were weak. We say we are back to our town.