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Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Post by Dawi » 23 Dec 2017, 20:24

Atse Lebna Dengel wrote:Dawi,

If galla don't care about other ppl identity, then why is it that the identities of the conquered ppl cleansed? You seems to not care if galla destroyed the country. Amhara and Shewa were heavens before Ahmed Gragn and galla destroyed them.

Look for the future is the most important thing now and you are right in this, but if Ethiopia wants get out of this 500 years dark age, we must annihilate the galla identity in Ethiopia via assimilation, deporting and slaughtering.

That is a good question. My take is what OPDO/Lemma are advocating today is equivalent to the size of Oromos as an ethnic group. They have more or less abandoned "minority" demands that dogged the Oromo and Ethiopian struggle all along. They won't be targeted and shall win as a majority they are. Just like white people in America but, other groups still need continuous legal protection.

So this is going to make them like the "Amara" so to speak; what they called the "Amara government" of HIM of the past which btw, was untrue in most things of that government except the national "language"; because it accommodated other groups relative "freedom". The reason we have 80 plus languages and diverse cultures today is, they were left more or less alone by past government to be themselves.

We can imagine a present majority government can do better than the past.

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Re: Viral Video: We are not black, We are Ethiopian

Post by zerengna » 13 Apr 2018, 17:10

i aint no black don't call me no black i aint no slave cotton picker i aint from africa.

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