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Why propaganda works the best against Oromo and not Agame

Post by MRed » 21 Dec 2017, 04:03

If you tell an Agame that he killed those people then they don't care and that is what I love them. They have zero shame but the Oromos are [email protected] When you tell an Oromo you killed a Zoomali, they get very defensive. If someone says you killed those people even if you didn't then don't get defensive. They will keep poking at you if they know it makes you mad.

Who cares who you kill, enjoy the bloodbath. Agames on FB say I killed Zoomalis and I just laugh and say thank you. I killed Zoomais, this is a happy day for me..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

What I'm telling Oromos is to be more like Agames, stop being so, holy and defensive. Have zero shame, kill someone on Saturday and on Sunday ask for forgiveness.