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Did Dr. Debresion say the other day that Tigrai region is where the poorest Ethiopians reside? Bwendimu second it

Post by Bwendimu » 20 Dec 2017, 21:42

My main purpose of travelling to Abyssinia ( Amara and Tigirai) was to see all with my eyes. What I saw proofed what I used to argue all along. Tigires never benefited from TPLF rule of Ethiopia but the TPLF members. The majority of Tigires are struggling like any other Ethiopian. If they live better they earn it because they work very hard. I don't know if you believe this. The Amara peasant life is changing fast.
I used to tell my readers don't judge people as if they are a single individual. They all got their own individuality. Some are cruel like the maikelawi investigeter who fed Oromos their own feces and forced them drink urine. Don't forget there are so many colaboraters from Amara and Oromo. There is a rulling class led by TPLF in Ethiopia that is different from any ethnic group they claim represent. It is under Lamma team OPDO is changed but before the OPDO was nothing but the other coin of TPLF. To morrow team Hagos can rise in TPLF and divert the front from its destructive pass.
As for now let me tell you Tigires in Tigirai are very innocent of both TPLF crimes and development.