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Agamewash(Awash)'s Non-Eritrean (Agame) Credentials!

Post by WoyaneRemoval » 20 Dec 2017, 20:32

Awash wrote:No. Here you go again. Don't twist things to fit your agenda. The border was determined on "colonial treaties and applicable int'l law." I've read the entire ruling and had followed it closely. So, don't try to cheat and swindle (ማጭበርበር). The EEBC ruling is comprehensive and final and binding. Take it its entirety or leave it.
Agamewash hates Eritrea and the EEBC because it awarded Badme to Eritrea. As the Uguum Woyane that Aswash is, he has giving us a view into his twisted Libi Tigray nonsense here...

Agamewash, presents some Agametay article about "Eritrea's Democratic Credentials" and spins it for his Anti-Eritrea agenda on Ethiopian Review, nothing new here folks.