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How to sudue TPLF. No fair representation no taxation

Post by Bwendimu » 20 Dec 2017, 09:10

The next move
Oromo question is always just. Never aim to take any body's wealth nor right but ask for its share alone. Oromo nation carried the burden of paying big part of federal tax that purchased state of the art airplains for for Ethiopian airlines that is taken away by Tigires. Oromos paid the huge tax that bought state of the art of defence materials from which Oromos totally pushed. Oromos provided most of the money the nation claim to have but others share it in form of loan pushing Oromos to side. This is unfair and we are now at dead end. We are pushed to the limit and put in a mood of fight or flight. Yes there is no way to fly now but fight back.
In this fight we must fight in all things we got. Our representative got no option but resist every move by these selfish and arrogant rulers. If there is any among Oromo representatives think to side with those who swear to keep us under slavary they must be crushed and removed. Oromo nation can't wait any more and never hope its historic enemies shall come to their senses. As we see our death and displacement can't give them sense and even recognizing the death and displacement is a luxury item that Oromos never deserve. Well, it is time to act and take laws into our hands and impose our will by force.
If Oromo nation through its representative is not given its share of this government this government should not expect us to pay our share in tax. No representation no taxation. Yes we pay tax when this government is our government because it is our duty to look after every thing we claim ours. If you think it is your government it is up to you to look after it. We are out of hear.
There is no need of arguing with TPLF from OPDO and ANDAM side but just walk out and go home and keep your tax in your region and dry the federal government finance till they agree to your terms. No need of blood shade or any thing of that sort. This move can't affect the regions but the federal government can't pay its solders and Federal police the two notorious killers of our peoples.

Yap! No taxation without representation works.