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Let me explain what happened to ANDM and OPDO + Benishangul-Gumuz Region

Post by MRed » 19 Dec 2017, 15:33

Gedu was the first president to step up against TPLF but he was overpowered because majority of ANDM top officials are undercover TPLFs. They did everything to stop Gedu from trying to wipe TPLF out of Amhara region however now that Gedu has Lemma, he isn't alone anymore. We are seeing Amhara nationalists in ANDM and Oromo nationalists in OPDO who have made a great deal to wipe the TPLFs within their party.

OPDO is ahead of ANDM right now since Lemma has purged the party so, that is what I expect from president Gedu. I expect him to purge most of his central committee who are undercover TPLF and replace them with young Amhara nationalists.

2. Amharas have to have their own armed police to fight Agames up north. This is a must and Fetno also Amhara police can team up even better. I expect 250k trained Amhara police and 300k+ ready Oromia police. That means 550k men who are able to secure both regions and fight Zoomalis in eastern Ethiopia and Agames up northern Ethiopia.

3. OPDO must support everything ANDM does and ANDM has to support everything OPDO does. If ANMD says we need troops and we're going to war with Tigray then Oromos must help them and if OPDO says we want to capture Jijiga and we need Amhara troops from Afar then they need help them also. This is the beauty of a brotherhood and alliance.

We have another ally of who we should support also to have their own 50k armed police and the 3 forces should come together and train together to combat the terrorists. Benishangul-Gumuz Region wants to free itself from TPLF too so, we should further our alliance with them and start training all three forces together and make sure they sync when they are fighting alongside the enemy. I think 50k armed police is enough for Benishangul-Gumuz Region to secure the region.