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Re: The begining of the end

Post by kibramlak » 21 Dec 2017, 08:33

btw, whether has been ordered to do it or not, that criminal abdi must be hunted and brought to justice where ever he goes.

Does anyone know the number of the population that mad abdi is representing?

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Re: The begining of the end

Post by ማርሲን » 21 Dec 2017, 11:34

Gobana wrote:the innocents blood plus the money they've stolen from us making these people like a vicious animal. however, the main point here is TPLF doesn't have reliable allies. from benshangule to gambella we secured our future with them. the oromo and amhara officials already went there and the gambella officials opposing TPLF's policy against their region.

we know what the next step should be, guys believe me TPLF is done, in the next hour's things can change. all the weapon's depository in oromia region is under the control of OPDO. we have millions of tigrean and they are protected by our government for now anyway. in the near future, we want them out of our land. we want the barren land of ogaden out of our union.
Gobana are you oromo or amhara? 8)

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