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Killing 99 Zoomalis to kill 1 Liyu Police agent

Post by Eth0ash » 19 Dec 2017, 05:44

Liyu police has been beat at the battlefields and couldn't hold on to any lands of Oromia regional state has once again shown us that they are in-fact terrorists no different than Al Shaabab. We have Liyu police agents wearing civilian clothes but they are armed. This means the million Zoomalis in Oromia, all of them can be Liyu police agents.

What if we lined up 100 Zoomalis and we know in-fact that there is a Liyu police agent. The only way to make sure we kill the agent is to kill all 100 people. I think killing 1 Liyu police is more worth than the life of 99 Zoomalis. Liyu police agents who are pretending to be Zoomali civilians are a huge threat.

I agreed with the ENDF army on this, ENDF army purposed on how to handle this by removing the Somalis from the villages, towns and cities and isolating them into camps inside Oromia. Yes, the Zoomalis are dangerous and they can't live next to the peaceful loving Oromos. Any Zoomali whether woman or child or man is a threat to an Oromo in Oromia. We are in the era of Al Shaabab but we Oromos need to learn from Al Shaabab. We need to wipe Zoomalis from our cities and towns and work with ENDF and put them in small camps.

This will isolate them from the rest of the population.

A brutal crackdown is coming for you Liyu police agents and many Zoomalis will die because of your [email protected] No matter how many Zoomali die, it will be on your hands. The brave Fetno and milltia are defending their land not attacking you on your own region.

Bless you Fetno and Oromia militia, I hope more work is done to isolate Zoomalis.