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Oromia regional state has 100% percent right to kill any Somali | ONLF-LIYU

Post by MRed » 19 Dec 2017, 05:31

How come these ONLF-Liyu dogs think they are above the law, bless those who restored the law. Fetno has to enforce the law by any cost. These ONLFs and liyu are actually connected as one. It's time every Somali who doesn't condemn these anti-peace elements to face justice and one quick shot to the head.

No more playing with former ONLF Abdi illey. Any child or woman or ederly that has the flag or anything related to ONLF-Somali region inside Oromia should be executed on-spot. It's time OPDO to declare Illey as an ONLF agent that is destroying Ethiopia to build Greater somalia.

I expect Oromia's chief to condemn the terrorists who were attacking Oromos and purpose a full crackdown on any Liyu-ONLF supporter, members and all Somalis part of this to be punished by death.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

This is EPRDF country not Liyu-ONLF.