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tigrai pfdj illegal rulers of Eritrea, helen meles is not Eritrean. her step-father aboy meles is from hammassien (shemanugus lalay) , but her real father is from tigrai, her mom is from tigrai too.

Post by JudgementDay1234 » 18 Dec 2017, 21:55

she took the name of her step dad aboy meles which i know personally he is from hammassien , shemanugus lalay, but her real father is from tigrai and her mother is from tigrai as well, her step brother micheal which i also new personally was the real son of aboy meles so he was hammassien and Eritrean, and he was martyred in 98 war between Eritrea and Ethiopia war. So to the pfdj, supporters here stop talking about helen meles as a star, she is not even from Eritrea. Her mom awetash use to hate us Eritreans. her mother use to shut down our Eritrean eplf meetings in Sudan, she use to call the sudan police in kessela and shut down our schools, meetings. and of course helen did never fight in any Eritrean wars, but her real hammassien Eritrea step brother died for Eritrea, yet she uses his name for her fame. Stupid tigrai woman. and now she went to England and had a child from a so called seraye-adwa man to continue her tigrai blood, of course for a passport too. so i know helen meles she is no Eritrean. She was not even born in Eritrea, she was born in kessella , sudan, from a tigrai father , tigrai anti eplf prosititue mom.

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