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Re: Photo of the Day: "እዉይ ይሄን ፎቶ ሲያይ እኮ ዛሩ ሚነሳበት አለ" - Gonder's Fasil Kenema Football Club received a warm welcome to Adama.

Post by Ethoash » 20 Dec 2017, 08:03

Ato yaballo.

u still think building bridge is hard... look this video .. pluse how on earth those Amhara did not pick up skill from those white when they build the bridge first time.?
phpBB [video]
Naga Tuma

Fed. system working well, yes we did not perfect it... it take generation it is a culture it is not xbox that u can plug and play ... even USA did many amendment as they go alone... u cant abandoned the best system going we have no other alternative

ask yourself what the oromo want an independent nation fed. give that to them they can be independent state less separation
now what the Amhara want is one nation under the sun that also achieved under Fed. system everyone get what they want

i have to run but goood discussion keep coming with intelligent thought / thanks for high level thinking u provided us in here ..

fed . is very simple oromo will get independent just like Eritrea, just like Djibouti but without breaking away from Ethiopia it is connected by Fed. system what would the oromo want if they got everything that they want from independent nation while enjoying the benefit of one nation... oromo will not care about having 9 currency we going to share one birr oromo doesnt have to worry about airlines we going to share one airlines .. oromo to travel inside Ethiopia they dont need visa u see enjoy one nation but keep ur independent if full fed. implemented 98% question will be solved ... now fed means doesnt mean total independent that means the oromo or Amhara can not tell tplf army get out of my state... there is price to pay for fed system have a nice day and have marry xmass

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