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Is this Egypt or Eritrea or both?

Post by Axumawi » 14 Sep 2018, 09:29

How is it possible that the two Higdef supported organizations are becoming first straters of conflicts in Addis Ababa?

G7 is favorite of course by Eritrea since G7 has no capacity, but good propaganda. Eritrea is not that enthusiastic of OLF since past history and also OLF would be easier to reconcile with EPRDF. The Egyptians of course may finance anybody that can help with GERD, but when chips are down they prefer an Oromo group probably the PM side.
OLF was supportive of GERD. Their thinking is that who ever comes to power including OLF will need it anyway.
G7 was adamant against GERD, especially if Egypt is extra unhappy.
Mengistu was against GERD. He called it Tigre conspiracy to bring war with Egypt.

But how come in a week G7 (Gurage+Amhara ally) and OLF Oromo from to Addis Ababa be seemingly quarelling?

Do I smell something here?