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Taxing International Tech and Retail giants (Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo etc) who are doing business in many countries without paying taxes

Post by Benn » 07 Dec 2017, 06:53

Oversea Tech Companies are making a lot of business in many countries without paying Taxes. Why ? For Example sells many products to overseas customers without paying a single cent Tax to the destination countries. For example, if Mr Rashid of Sudan buys a laptop from Amazon, he pays Taxes (VAT/) to the US government not to the Sudanese government. Why does any country allow this ?

Amazon does not have Business License in Sudan, yet it is selling its goods to Sudanese citizens, and is getting profit for its Investors and to the US government (VAT Tax) This is outright robbery of the destination countries.

Similarly, Facebook should be taxed for every Advertising that it does on Computers within, for example, the Sudanese border. No Sudanese citizen is allowed to advertise its products in the street of Sudan without paying Advertising Fees to the Sudanese government; why is an American Company allowed to advertise within Sudanese border without paying taxes ?

It is high time countries around the world wake up to these day light robberies !