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Re: ☆ Mighty Ethiopian Amara Fano Commandos On The Way To Minilik Palace ☆ !!

Post by Deqi-Arawit » 17 Jun 2024, 21:09

Did the tere sega eaters liberate Lalibela :lol: , I know they liberated the city in their imagination 32 times but did they do it on the grounds.

Your little qentir arse sounds like woyane radio, too many hot air and no substance. As we speak, The Amhara Fano are eating lib-lib, Zehla and Gored and washing their throat with fine Gojame Tij. :mrgreen: Even During Haile selasie, Amhara couldn't become qualified Commando, Most of the Commando or Commandis as they were called of Eritrean ancestry , These elite soldiers were selected by Israeli officers , to become a commando, you must be of certain height, and Finnish rigorous training. Just in the category of height, most Southerners are midget hence fail.

Amhara should concentrate on subjects which they know best, which is singing tizita, music which evokes emotion even for people who dont understand the language, .war related domain is not their thing.

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