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Re: ☆ልሓጫም፥ጉራጌዎች፥ወይዘሮ"ኣበራሽ/ሠላሞ/ሆርሲ"ቒጣቸውን፥ለነጭ፥ሲሠጡ፥ኤርትራዊያኖች፥በኣለም፥ታሪክ፥ይሠራሉ FRANCO-BELGE 2024☆!!

Post by almaze » 29 May 2024, 18:27

His mother comes from Akel-Guzay, the ancestral home of the Gurages, while his father is from Enderta, Tigray. Give credit where credit is due. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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