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Ethiopian Army needs psychology test for its recruits

Post by Roman » 02 Aug 2021, 03:52

After watching countless of wars of ENDF POWs I came to the conclusion that these people shouldn't have been recruited. I wonder if ENDF interviews recruits because if they did they would have founded out that these people don't have the guts to kill nor die. Many of the POWs became afraid to die after hearing gunshots.

Seriously these people are afraid of gunshots and they joined the army................ :lol: :lol: :lol:

ENDF need to evaluate the mental wellness of their soldiers. - There are lots of them that are simply afraid and should be discharged from the army because they will likely become al liability.

Right now it's time for the whole army to be tested mentally: Are these men and women in the uniform capable of overcoming their fear of death.

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Re: Ethiopian Army needs psychology test for its recruits

Post by Hawdian » 02 Aug 2021, 04:13

Only few Somalis, Afar, Tigregu and Eritreans love death.

Rest of you flee from the sound of gun fire.

It's genetic.

Abiy is afraid of the Hague. For a Somali going to the Hague defending his faith and land is an honour. It's better than winning the useless Nobel prize.

Let's put Mustafa as the PM.

Once we demolish Woyane, we will silence the victimhood Oromo. Always crying. It gets boring.

No matter who leads they will always play victims. It's all they know.

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