Ethiopia: Ethiopia: Lifting of state of emergency must be followed by investigation of abuses

Source: Amnesty International
Country: Ethiopia

In response to news that the Ethiopian parliament has voted in favour of lifting a state of emergency, Amnesty International’s Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes, Joan Nyanyuki said:

“The decision to lift the state of emergency in Ethiopia, which was endorsed by parliament today, is a welcome step towards addressing the country’s deep-rooted human rights crisis.

“However, Ethiopian authorities must now ensure justice and reparations for the prevalent human rights violations that were perpetrated during the state of emergency, including arbitrary detention of dissidents, unchecked killings, torture and other forms of ill-treatment, and take decisive steps to ensure the non-repetition of such violations.

“Prime Minister Abiy must also make good on his commitment to opening up the space for civil society in Ethiopia by reforming or repealing draconian laws that have been used to stifle dissenting voices, including the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation and the Ethiopian Charities and Societies Proclamation.”