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Map of Countries With Patients Tested For Ebola

Postby revolutions » 21 Aug 2014, 00:52

ImageInternational Association For Medical Assistance to Travellers


The map indicates that Kenya and Ethiopia have people tested for Ebola, yet there are no confirmed cases.

Here are the 35 countries one flight away from Ebola-affected countries
Image ... countries/
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Re: Map of Countries With Patients Tested For Ebola

Postby Agame » 21 Aug 2014, 02:57

Good thing the African North Korea aka Eritrea is so isolated then, right Shabo ayte revolutions? LOL

Re: Map of Countries With Patients Tested For Ebola

Postby revolutions » 21 Aug 2014, 03:47

Agame wrote:Good thing the African North Korea aka Eritrea is so isolated then, right Shabo ayte revolutions? LOL

Ayte Hawdian, my dear Tigraway brother blindly following the TPLF genocidal regime off a cliff,

The deadly Ebola virus is no joking matter, Period! Your TPLF officials, for example, didn't find it funny at all when they were required to be screened for Ebola as a requisite for receiving food-aid during their recent trip to the United States to attend the Live-Aid summit. In fact the greatest fear among many Ethiopians is, you genocidal Woyanes using the Ebola outbreak as an excuse to carry out mass-murder operations in the Amhara, Oromia, Ogaden, Tigray and Afar regions, where you're facing stiff armed resistance.


Re: Map of Countries With Patients Tested For Ebola

Postby Ethoash » 21 Aug 2014, 05:20

deer RealBull,

i know u r one track mind...

to me Ebola, is like oil. gold, diamond, coffee, and so one it is African great resources virus and germ is the most valuable one ask for

did u ever heard about biological weapon ?

long time ago when white man come to Africa all kind of virus and germ fight them back and kill them and protected African from the white colonizer..

just for once second think about there is no virus and germ in Africa what would have been Africa it would have been totally white dominated nation...

look 1000 years ago when the Arab come to Africa the only thing stop them is virus and germ they cant go down... the germ and the virus doesnt kill the Africa but the new comer hence the Arab stopped where there was no germ and virus ....

now just look Egypt, Libya and all the north part of Africa there is no black left or few left how come..because the Arab managed to finished off he black and totally replaced them with there own

the white would have done the same had it not for our virus and germ... mosquito kill more white then black because the black are immune to the Mosquito transmuted disease...

anyhow in to day world if u know ur virus and germ u can build strong economy they can be used to develop our economy..

for example u need germ to work with cheese, even injara need those germ or bacteria... so u have to know who is who ur germ

Re: Map of Countries With Patients Tested For Ebola

Postby revolutions » 22 Aug 2014, 01:49

Skin-deep discrimination! :evil:
The respect the Ethiopian people commanded in the African continent for over a century has been lost during the last 2 decades the inferiority complex driven woyanes ruled Ethiopia by the barrel of the gun. If you think that the forced Ebola screening of Africa's so-called leaders was humiliating, what the Malawi government is now doing to Ethiopian migrants is far beyond humiliation. It is shameful! It is skin-deep discrimination!

Malawi worried about Ebola virus being carried by Ethiopians; police arrested 52 Ethiopians

August 21, 2014
East Africa, Ethiopia

Illegal lags at Karonga court on Monday.-Photo by Nyasa Times(Malawi Nyasa Times) – Traditional leaders in Malawi’s boarder district of Karonga are appealing to government authorities to devise safety measures that would protect their subjects from contracting Ebola virus saying Karonga is at risk of being affected with the virus due to the illegal immigrants who enter in the district. The appeal from Senior Traditional Authority Kalonga follows the arrest of 52 illegal immigrants by the police on Sunday which he said poses a threat to the people of Karonga.

“The government of Malawi should do something to protect people in Karonga from the deadly Ebola virus because we always hear of illegal immigrants entering our country especially Ethiopians every week, and we don’t know their healthy status,” worried Kalonga.

He said government should also make sure that the way of repatriating these illegal immigrants is properly done because “it is very surprising that those who are arrested are the very same people.”

Karonga Police Public Relations Officer Enock Rivasion confirmed the arrest of 52 Ethiopians on Sunday at Chiwondo hills the central part of the district.

“Indeed 52 Ethiopians are in custody, we arrested them on Sunday morning following a tip from well-wishers that they were hiding in the hills of Chiwondoin the area of paramount chief Kyungu and they will answer charges of illegal entry,” said Rivasion in interview with Nyasa Times.

He said indeed something need to be done to protect people in the district and also the office of immigration should put good mechanisms of repatriating the illegal immigrants “because arrest the very same people each week which means the disposal is not properly done.”

Karonga Immigration Officer in Charge Henry Mphadzula blamed the community for not helping the Government to arrest the problem of illegal immigrates in the district.

“It is not true that we arrest the same people here in Karonga because two weeks ago police arrested over 30 Ethiopians now its 52 and last week we arrested 17 how can they be the same people in different numbers?”

He said the problem is that “the community is not helping us to make sure that we end the problem of illegal immigrants here because some of them are kept inside people’s houses in exchange of money,” said Mphadzula.

Karonga District Hospital spoke person Christopher Singini said they are just at alert of the disease but nothing is being done to prevent the disease.

District Commissioner for Karonga, Rosemary Moyo admitted that Karonga is at risk of being the first in the country to be affected due to the illegal immigrants who use uncharted routes to enter in the district.

“It’s a challenge indeed here in Karonga due to these illegal immigrates because they use uncharted routes but if we talk of those who use normal routes we are given a machine at Songwe boarder we use for scanning,” said Moyo.

Source: Malawi Nyasa Times

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