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Scandal involving Priest Tsebate Yemaneberhan of Atlanta

Postby Ayne » 03 Apr 2013, 00:02

click-in the pdf file below
DB St. Gabriel Church Release-15JAN2012.pdf
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Re: Scandal involving Priest Tsebate Yemaneberhan of Atlanta

Postby Biniam » 03 Apr 2013, 15:44

As interesting as it looks,I don't think Church's business especially as intimate as this one should be posted in public. Especially to defame and slander a religious leader, no matter how bad that person might be is unethical and this kind of things should have been dealt internally within the congregation not shown to the whole world. just my humble opinon

Re: Scandal involving Priest Tsebate Yemaneberhan of Atlanta

Postby Cheamunt » 25 Aug 2013, 00:09

It is a travesty this so called priest is not in Jail. What is not written in this article is that this wicked man is also responsible for desintergration of a family. A husban was forced to divorce his wife because she admitted to having an affair with this "priest" that lasted for years. Oh by the way they had four children together. Therefore, for you to say this should not be a public information is ludicrous. Guess what, because this guy was not sent to jail, now he has opened another church. Are we like a catholic church? Where we just move a criminal priest from one place to another. Wake up people let us not worship man. We should be worshiping God not man. Our concern should be for those 4 children who are being raised in a broken home not to a priest who admitted to sleeping with number of married women.

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