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Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Land_Lord » 09 Feb 2013, 22:27


Right from the start, guys like Woldeab Woldemariam and Raesi Tessema knew it was a bad idea, andy they killed it. Ibrahim Sultan and many moslems who were members of the parliament confronted the very idea as anti Eritrianism. Woldeab and Ibrahim Sultan joined the independence bloc and the rest is history. TPLF right from the start did not know what they were fighting for other than the severe exploitation and oppression that happened to the Tigrean people. Initially, they were not sure whether they were going to fight for independence. A little later they did. They drafted the Abay Tigray manifesto which was very much anti amhara. Some wanted to join the EPLF and fight to liberate both regions as one. Since there was no precedent they were forced to fight as independent entity. ELF at the time warned TPLF that the two organizations will not have anything to do with each other other than fight the common enemy. EPLF looked at TPLF as a junior partner. it trained their soldiers and commanders. The TPLF was taught to fight the Chinese blitzkrieg style which EPLF had adopted from the Chinese trainers in China. PIA was participant.


Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby quindibu » 09 Feb 2013, 22:48

elias wrote:This is a thought-provoking piece. I might add that Tigrinya speakers in both Ethiopia and Eritrea are being equally victimized by "the politics of Tigray-Tigrinya," if the writer is correct in his analysis. The dirty game Woyanne and Shabia have been playing, in particular, is becoming starkly clear by the day to every one who keeps his/her eyes and ears open.

A healthy dose of skepticism and curiosity aren't the forte of most Ethiopians. The line that delineates between Halafis and Eliases (supposedly educated Ethiopians) blurs when it comes to critically analyzing things. You Ethiopians tend to ''see faces in the clouds''- things that enforce your pattern of thinking.

Here it's the unnamed author is telling us from the get go, the Tigray-Tigrine politics was devised by the Italians and Brits to secure their interest in 1941 and you found that ''thought-provoking''. 1941? Does it ring a bell? It eludes me how the two nations would come up with such a strategy while bombing the hell out of each other during the Second World War?

Here is a tip for you, my friend- how about trying to ''see clouds in the faces'' next time? Yes, it differs from ''seeing faces in the clouds''. Yes, the former requires some mind gymnastics... :P

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Fed_Up » 10 Feb 2013, 01:06

Oh man. What happened all the motto's of the former Ethiopian ruler (amhara) "Eritrea meretun enji hezbun anfelgewm" ? And the kill and the crime thy committed against Eritrean will remain in history. Therefore; today the Eritrean cant and won't be the evil force of the region. If the forgot :oops: their crime against humanity, the Eritreans will not. Otherwise, they are forcing us to file for icc. It seems the former ruler sympathizer emboldened since we kept quite and move on the past and that encouraged them to write such trash against the victims. What a joke!

Yehe Aram ara ale sewyew :lol:

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Tadesse » 10 Feb 2013, 07:39

Oscar Wilde in his book about the place we are now calling Tigray-Tigrigni in all upto Aleweha Milash,about the land,the flowers in home,England,to see this happen is my prayer,nature and God.where I grew,sweet Mekelle.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby addisu » 01 Mar 2013, 18:31

one think is very clear, freedom will not come in Ethiopia until Eritreans live in peace and peace will not come in Eritrea until Ethiopians are free from terror. our problems are interelated becauase of our history. at the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters. Sadly the current regimes in Addis and Asmara doesn't want to see peace and harmony prevail in the land of Abyssinians. Their goal is to destroy Ethiopia and Eritrea and create a fantasy kingdom. Unfortunately, our families are going to be a sacrifical lamb for this hidden/hiddeous dynasty we did not ask for.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Zack » 01 Mar 2013, 18:39

Land lord you said in an early post of you'res that Woldeab Woldemariam was a tigrean him self an immigrant to Eritrea or his ancestor grandfather migrated to Eritrea not him so he was not pure Eritrean. So why would a person who has roots in Ethiopia reject his brothers in Ethiopia i don't get it ?

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby ILike » 15 Mar 2013, 16:49

This piece is full of shiiit and full of conspiracy theory that doesn't hold water. On one hand the writer says both are setting a trap for opposition groups just to eliminate them so that they will not harm the other country. And yet the writer also said that Ethiopia and Berekt Simon are arming and financing separatist groups like the kunama and red sea afars so that Eritrea will end up in a endless civil war. :roll: Now, is it a trap to opposition groups or not? If both countries are just trapping the respective opposition groups then how can the kunamas and the afars become a source of civil war? Dude make up your mind! You cannot have it both ways. All in all it is filled with too much speculations. The claim that the badme war was planned by both governments also doesn't hold water either. So many lives were lost upto a million displaced, thousands deported and most of all both leaders almost lost their power due to the war and you tell me it was just a show? This is BS! The only people who still believe in Tigray-Tigrinya are the Tigreans especially the northerners. Other than that it will not materialize in foreseeable future. For now it is only good to trick the Tigreans into independence. :lol:

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Yakume » 16 Mar 2013, 12:41

Don't get confession about cycle and link, and politics of Tigray-Tigrinya. Never trust Tigray politicians who kiss children and women, whose eyebrows meet in the middle

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby SahoBrah » 11 Jul 2015, 11:01

This needs to be more exposed. I do know this article is obviously written by Amhara as they try to avoid Selassie heinous crime on Eritreans by using Tigrayans. They are both to be blamed in the eyes of the Eritrean people but right now, these people needs to be cleansed out of Power ASAP and let the Eritreans rule Eritrea themselves.

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