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The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Addis Zemen » 08 Feb 2013, 12:17

Do you ever wonder why so many people perished in Ethiopia and Eritrea?

The politics of Tigray-Tigrinya emerged around the early 1940s with the help of Brigadier Stephen Longrigg, who was then a British military administrator in Eritrea. His plan was to establish a pro-Western government in the Horn of Africa in collaboration with the Tigrayans in the northern part of Ethiopia. For many years, the average citizen of Ethiopia and/or Eritrea was unaware of this hidden political agenda. Unfortunately, in the last 50 years or so, many became victims of a horrific war in the Horn of Africa, including Yemen, Somalia and Djibouti which resulted in family breakdowns, disease, famine, oppression and forceful migration merely because of the Politics of Tigrya-Tigrinya.

Tigray-Tigrinya: How it all started

In 1941, the British and Italians devised a political strategy to defend their interests in the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa. They called it the “Politics of Tigrynia and The Politics of Showa”. (History tells us that the Tigrayan Yohaness IV, not only he conspired against Tewodros with the British but also he cooperated with the British in defeating Tewodros in exchange for arms. By the same token the Shoan Menelik II conspired with the Italians against the Tigrean Yohaness IV in exchange for arms.)

The politics of Tigrinya, therefore, was intended to install a pro-Western government in the Horn of Africa with the help of aristocrats in Tigray. According to the plan, first the government of Shoa must be weakened and then the state of Eritrea shall be divided into two or three sects. To implement this plan, Stephen Longrigg made a deliberate effort to instil Tigrayan nationalism inside Eritrea by authoring an article in English language under a pen name "Concerned Eritrean." Woldeab Woldemariam (whose origin is from Tigray), supposedly translated the article into Tigrinya and published it in the newspaper "Haddas Eritrea". They argued that there were strong ties between segments of the Eritrean population and Tigray. They refer to Tigray as having close ties with the highlands of Eritrea, thus in the 1950s it was called "Tigray-Tigrinya" by the Unionist pro-Ethiopia groups in Eritrea, and later in 1968 it was called "Hilmi Abay Tigray" (A dream for the Greater Tigray Republic) as it is stated on the 1976 TPLF manifesto.

Tigray-Tigrynia: elimination of Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF)

Iysayas Afeworki, like many of his close associates, considers himself as one of the inheritors of the Axumite Kingdom. He is one of the top accomplice in the politics of Tigray-Tigrinya (his origin is from Tigray). In 1969, the CIA had launched its own secret operation known by the code name of “seed planting project” at Kagnew military base in Asmara. At that time the United States had completely lost faith in the HaileSelassie government. The project was therefore intended to prepare an alternative means to defend American interests in the Horn of Africa. Tesfamichael Giorgio (an Eritrean assassinated by Iysayas in 1992), then a governor of a district in Eritrea, had participated in the negotiations at Kagnew between the CIA and Iysayas Afeworki. Iysayas’s job was to destroy Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) and then use the EPLF to oust the soon to be communist government in Ethiopia. “If you satisfy our conditions,” said Richard Copeland, a CIA agent in Eritrea, “and you want independence, in return you shall have your independence.” As planned, Iysayas and TPLF (Tigray-Tigrinya) collaborated and destroyed ELF by driving it out of Eritrea. Also as planned, he regime in Addis Ababa collapsed and Eritrea won its independence.

Tigray-Tigrinya – The Empire of Jealousy disguised as a Strategic Policy

Tigray-Tigrinya state of mind is driven by Jealousy. Just like in the era of Mengistu Hailmariam's Red Terror regime, citizens of both countries still continued to suffer under the rule of Tigray-Tigrinya. (some say that Tigray-Tigrinya agents have played a big role during the red terror communist regime). This empire of jealous men is armed with spy agencies, satellites, cash, bullets and other harmful ammunition to terrorize the region. Citizens are continuously harassed, poisoned, tortured and assassinated. It also functions as an organized crime of money laundering and human trafficking. It does not care whether you are an Ethiopian or Eritrean, innocent or guilty, poor or rich, illiterate or scholar, believer or atheist, citizen or immigrant, Christian or Muslim. Understand this, the terror in the Horn of Africa, especially in Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia is harbored by the politics of Tigray-Tigrinya.

Tigray-Tigrinya: The Traitor

Tigray-Tigrinya might very well be a pro-Western agent stationed in the Horn of Africa. Ninety percent of its high level agents are individuals who had strong links and connections with Tigray, in particular. The rest are volunteers who knew nothing about its true identity or individuals with personal interest. In 1998, a senseless boarder war had erupted between Eritrea and Ethiopia because of a small town named Badme. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives had perished needlessly. Many left their families to escape the brutal war. What is shocking however is that the border conflict was carefully orchestrated and instigated by the puppet regimes in Asmara and Addis Abeba. The war was conducted ruthlessly. It was a senseless war. For the outsiders, it looked like a border issue. Unfortunately, the war was invented in order to keep both citizens hostage to an endless state of conflict thus securing Tigray-Tigrinya power for an indefinite period of time. During the war, citizens were falsely accused of treason. Some were locked in prison for many years without trial and many were executed. They systematically evicted citizens using threats of violence. Many young women were raped; some committed suicide and others fell into the hands of human traffickers. Thousands of innocent lives have disappeared without a trace and others were killed in poverty. Tigray-Tigrinya erroneous policy made citizens of both countries poor and destitute. Many became homeless and Orphans because of it.

Tigray-Tigrinya: Phase II-divide and rule

Here we go again. While Iyasyas Afeworki and his secret agents from Tigray are vandalizing the state of Eritrea, Ethiopian information minster Bereket Simon, Abay Woldu and Seye Abraha, on their part, are dissecting Ethiopia into many pieces, a plan that was initiated in 1940s. Minster Bereket Simon recently made a comment that his government is willing to help anyone who is persecuted in Eritrea because of his/her ethnic or religious background. (Facts: in Eritrea all citizens are persecuted regardless of their ethnic or religious background). Now, his government is arming and organizing Eritrean opposition groups in Northern part of Ethiopia to oust the government of Iysayas Afeworki. According to Bereket Simon, groups like Democratic Movement for the Liberation of the Eritrean Kunama (DMLEK), Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF) and/or Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) should have the right to self-determination up to secession, if they wish to do so. What does this mean? Civil war! It is a threat against Eritrea that wars and violence will follow if the now/future Eritrean government fails to recognize opposition group’s demand for self determination.

Tigray-Tigrinya: The Trap

Eritrean opposition groups are now armed and trained in Northern part of Ethiopia to fight the regime in Asmara. Similarly, Ethiopian opposition groups are also managed and financed by Iysayas Afeworki to fight the regime in Addis. This is in fact another trap! It is meticulously designed by Tigray-Tigrinya leaders to control, monitor and finally sabotage the activities of both opposition groups before they strike. In the last ten years or so opposition group’s agenda of freedom and democracy has not moved an inch forward due to the manipulation of Tigray-Tigrinya security agents. TPDM (DMHIT), whose main task is to protect and serve the empire of Tigray-Tigrinya, is the only group who is making a substantial progress in power and number (TPDM has been training in a secret location in Eritrea for the last 20 years since 1991 and is directly financed by Isayas Afeworki).

Tigray-Tigrinya: Final Thought

Things will not get better in Ethiopia or Eritrea while Tigray-Tigrinya operation of deception is in power. We have enough evidences to show just how quickly Ethiopia and Eritrea are engulfed by Tigray-Tigrinya made disasters. It created a refugee crisis that has percolated throughout the Sahara desert, Europe and the greater Middle East. Ethiopia and Eritrea under the Tigray-Tigrinya apartheid regime are not the same country you once knew. Both countries are ruled by evil individuals who hate their country, their flag and the people. They claim victory when they see the suffering they have inflicted upon us, citizens. The grim reality is best understood by analyzing the mentality of Tigray-Tigrynia in power, and you need look no further than the network of hundreds of underground prisons spread across Ethiopia and Eritrea to see how evil and barbaric its leaders are. We must therefore act now. Let us all work together to restore the dignity of our people and country.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Abe » 08 Feb 2013, 21:54

If you are Amara don't worry. Amara too are our brothers and sisters. There is ELIAS KIFLE in ADDIS ABEBA just as there is his cousin ELIAS KIFLE in Asmara.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Guest1 » 09 Feb 2013, 01:31

They were unable to rule one Ethiopia together, they never trusted each other. The best solution was to rule Ethiopia separately and in 1993? called for a referendum. They established Tigre rule in Eritrea and Ethiopia without any fear of one competing against the other. Thus the war in 1998 was a political game played by both. Shabia cries with jealousy now that TPLF has got the largest share of the booty. crocodile tears!

There is no Tigray-tigrigni nationalism in both of them. They have great contempt and hate to each other, wedi sherumta etc...TPLF's says Tigray Tigrigni never included Eritrea!! Shabia never saw themselves Tigrayan from their elite to last common man!! wedi [deleted]!!

It is all politics!!!!

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Shabia » 09 Feb 2013, 05:10

simple Shabian script in different form.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Tadesse » 09 Feb 2013, 06:58

Please read also what is written in ethiomedia,very interesting article,concerning Ethio/Eritrean politics,in short,in more detail.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Yusuf Hiigsi Muzaydi » 09 Feb 2013, 10:50

Interesting read

Yusuf Muzaydi
The chief negotiator

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby elias » 09 Feb 2013, 21:26

This is a thought-provoking piece. I might add that Tigrinya speakers in both Ethiopia and Eritrea are being equally victimized by "the politics of Tigray-Tigrinya," if the writer is correct in his analysis. The dirty game Woyanne and Shabia have been playing, in particular, is becoming starkly clear by the day to every one who keeps his/her eyes and ears open.

Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Land_Lord » 09 Feb 2013, 21:59


Do not hold your hopes up. Tigray Tigrigni was an idea that lost ground right from the start in the 1940's. This revisionist story is made up to be consumed by amharas and written by a decietful amhara who does not have an iota of the Eritrean and Tigrean struggle. It is full of lies, taking a piece here and piece there and adding innuendos to fit ones propoganda. It is trash. We have enough evidence to show...funny. Why don't they fight the weyanes, instead of wasting in conspiracy theory


Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Land_Lord » 09 Feb 2013, 22:03

Conspiracy trash, fight the weyanes and make your mark in the history books. Conspiracy theory will not get you anywhere. Let Mrs. Revelation be a lesson to you. :lol: :lol:


Re: The Politics of Tigray-Tigrinya

Postby Yusuf Hiigsi Muzaydi » 09 Feb 2013, 22:11

Land lord question but there was an initiative in the 40s. But it was inactive from the beginning what caused that i remember some where in the 70s. The TPLF tried to revive the tigrinya and Tigray but the EPLF rejected it. When i read the likes of Halafis comments he wouldn't mind a tigrinya Tigray state this would exactly be the best option for him if the EPRDF loses ground in addis ababa. What do you think.

Yusuf Muzaydi
The chief negotiator

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