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Dead Darfur peacekeepers 'all Ethiopian'

Postby revelations » 22 Dec 2012, 19:45


Khartoum - Three peacekeepers shot dead by one of their comrades in Sudan's troubled Darfur region were all Ethiopian, a source familiar with the incident told AFP on Saturday.

The shooter, who subsequently killed himself, was also from the East African country, the source said, asking for anonymity.

"All of them are Ethiopian," said the source.

The African Union-United Nations Mission in Darfur (Unamid) has not released the nationalities of the dead or details of what led to the shooting.

While Unamid is investigating circumstances surrounding the incident, the source told AFP that the peacekeepers are in a stressful environment, "all the time in a dangerous place and all the time away from families."

In October five peacekeepers died in hostile action.

A South African member of the force was killed during an ambush en route to the Hashaba area of North Darfur, and four Nigerians lost their lives in an attack near El-Geneina, West Darfur.

The attack on the Nigerians was the deadliest in Unamid history, according to UN sources.

The October killings brought to 43 the number of Unamid troops killed in hostile action in the nearly five-year history of the world's largest peacekeeping mission.

Unamid has a mandate to protect civilians in Sudan's far-west region, where rebels began an uprising against the Arab-dominated Khartoum government almost a decade ago.

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Re: Dead Darfur peacekeepers 'all Ethiopian'

Postby revelations » 22 Dec 2012, 20:06


Peacekeepers Sudan kill each other, 4 Ethiopians dead

MUKJAR (21 Dec.)

An Ethiopian peace-keeper in the western region of Sudan, Darfur, has killed three of his Ethiopian colleagues and wounded one. Immediately after shooting his colleagues Thursday 20 December he killed himself. This has been confirmed to Radio Dabanga by several sources, including eyewitnesses and the local authorities.

The UN-peacekeeping mission for Darfur, UNAMID, could not confirm the incident that took place in its base in Mukjar, Central Darfur. The commissioner of Mukjar, Hashim Musa Abkar Hassan told Radio Dabanga that the killing took place in the recreation room of the mission's base. He told Radio Dabanga that the local police commander visited the mission’s regional headquarters and met with the UNAMID commander in order to investigate the incident. The commissioner said to Radio Dabanga that the UNAMID commander had confirmed to him that a peacekeeper had killed three of his colleagues and then shot himself.

Witnesses have reported to Radio Dabanga that an argument between the peacekeepers escalated and one of the men left the room and returned with his gun. Upon his return, he opened fire on the four men sitting at the table after which he shot himself. Workers rushed to the room when they heard gunshots and found five men drenched in their own blood, witnesses added. Four of the peacekeepers had died in the meantime, while the fifth was severely injured. According to the witnesses the gun was found in the hands of one of the fatal victims.

According to sources, UNAMID provided a plane on the same day to evacuate the corpses as well as to the take the injured victim to Nyala for treatment. For his part, the commissioner of Mukjar, confirmed the killing of four peacekeepers and the injuring of one.

'Not competent'

The commissioner commented further that “these troops came to protect the civilians and instead fight each other; this clearly demonstrates that they are not competent”. The incident has raised responses from residents and displaced persons from the locality’s camps. A resident from Mukjar expressed his regret and said: “If the people who are supposed to protect us are playing chess and killing each other, then who is left to protect us?”

Re: Dead Darfur peacekeepers 'all Ethiopian'

Postby revolutions » 22 Dec 2012, 20:24


I fail to see how the TPLF mercenary troops can bring "peace" in a neighboring Sudan when their own country is engulfed by a raging fire. But one thing is certain, and it's that woyane officials are lining their pockets with millions of dollars from the so-called "peace-keeping" mission in Sudan.

Re: Dead Darfur peacekeepers 'all Ethiopian'

Postby koster » 23 Dec 2012, 05:17

It is a matter of time, all Ethiopians civilians as well as in the military will fight back against woyane ethnic fascists. It is not tolerable that Ethiopians die in Sudan and Somalia so that Tigrian generals enrich themselves. The USA should learn from their past mistakes in Pakistan and elsewhere where the generals enrich themselves in the name of fighting terrorism. There is only state terrorism in Ethiopia as well as other African countries ruled by tyrants and "friendly tyrants"

Re: Dead Darfur peacekeepers 'all Ethiopian'

Postby Senario » 23 Dec 2012, 18:48

What if some one a TPLF agent killed them; then can hand one of the dead the gan such as to appear as the shooter. As far as I know them this could be their drama. Who knows this men might be seen as a potential threats for TPLF. Given the current condition of the Ethiopian government we should expect such things to happen among the Army. We must request a full investigation in to the case by the UN. We shouldn't take the news as it is.

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