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A lill Tigrigna poem for Azebinay!

Postby abel qael » 18 Aug 2007, 02:35

Maryam Axum kone ela ..
seb'ay n'kitmariK ziserHata ;
b'leytn b'qetrn matsiKayo...
zeymno lemlem kenafira;
Se'e'Emkayo Zey'tsigeb....
guwahri Z'mesil maEgurta;
Kem fanus berihu..
kem mebreq z'deguH fshikta'a;
tn'kif mis'tebilo tewerwiru...
ba'Elu Z'Haqufeka ,
SheloKKa nay Adwa..
zimesil Axubata.

Awlad Hager Aytqne'a !
Emena ayt'Emena ...
gi'n Hito AytebzHa ;
Azebinay temri eya ,
Qicha Ater z'mesil selefa,
kab anesti kulen filuy Z'Ayneta !

Azeb Azeb Eyle Azebina ...
ab Alem zawine kireKba,
sigab lomi ayre'aKun kema'a ;
Hansab teneKisu.. Ooooooh! Yea...
Zey'sedid Hayal selef eyu nata.

Nay'beHaqi , Ember Azebina!

Postby Gone with the Wind » 18 Aug 2007, 03:43

Abel wrote,
Leave alone Wolliqqa , a Wolliga@ggalla@ , even an Amharay Adgis have no right to speak about Eritrea and Tigrai. The latter are inseperable brothers and regardless of the status quo and irregardless of Eritrea not being under the direct Tigrai/Ethiopian rule ;ultimately, genuine Eritreans - like I'm , we know Ethiopia belongs to both Tigrigna speaking eritreans and Tigrains : its original owners who had been its rightful owners starting from 2000BC until 1889 AD .
Thus ERs Ga@@lla bloggers; be it Jason , Amantu , Jima , arat-killo , Wolliqa , etc , etcs must be told very clearly and unequivocaly that they are the last pseudo-persons on planet earth to know who Abel qael / nebri nay gejeret really is , nor will any ga@@lla Chenawi Egru like them be able to understand who the real Eritreans are , or what their true feeling towards their Tigrain brothers and sisters is .
qqqqqqqqqqqq ! For Mariam Asmereyti's sake , how can Ga@@llaolfs know this when they do not even know where they came from( in1679?)? Incidentally, they're the most recent multi-tribe implants the world has ever witnessed since the days of Luci : Australopitecus Saba Sabina AKA Eritrea-Tigrainesis that is .
Undestandably therefore , albeit an amazing freakologic , the biggest fear ga@@llaOLFs are suffering from is the upcoming destruction of PFJD and the death of Esayas wedi [deleted] - which is gonna happen in the near future - but whether ga@@llaOLFistas wet their panties ow not , Esaya's life is now squarely put on the gallant hands of genuine Tigrains and Eritreans . For that matter ,we know the exact day and hour when we will pulverize his worm-infested body , meticulously tearing it apart into micro-sized tatters.
Rightly or wrongly the Gall@@aOLFites and Adgi Amharays lately appear to fear that the removal of PFJD , i.e , the defeat/ death of the murderous clique of Shabeabia's Tigrains and the total annihilation of the Binan criminals who are benefiting at the expense of real Eritreans , which will usher the rebirth of the Tigrai-Eritrean brotherhood , will deprive G@llaolf and some hopless adgi groups an illegal entry to Eritrea.
As always - pervertedly thinking thereby massively miscalculating - It is interesting to note that the pin-headed ga@@llaolfs were honing , like rabid dogs , hoping the Esayas-instigated and Meles-Assisted freezing of the deeply-rooted Tigrain-Eritrean relatiions may benefit them to separate from Ethiopia . They were hoping against al hope , and during the sudden 1998 - 200 melee , the shameless OLFs descended al over Eritrea - as if by remote-controlled AKA magnet-assisted theft - hoping to stealthly rob away thiopia's 1-2 southern provinces . And to that end , during the last 30 years Ga@@llaOLFs had been coming to eritrea for military training in their hundreds , and in their freaking thousands during the last 8-years , albeit so far all hanky-dorky was to no avail.
We knew it!

Hail to liberty

Postby Finot » 18 Aug 2007, 05:03

Qicha Ater z'mesil selefa


Postby abel qael » 19 Aug 2007, 04:28

Gorzo Gual keleKi..
menEsye keleKu zifelxeki,
Ab ketema Fiche ne'Ay zimareK'ki;
Azebinay wezam, lomi zekireki!

Nay awald "jeb jeb " teqoninki ,
qemish nay selalie teKedinki;
shendaH ! wejaH ! E'ndabelki ,
b'handebet zetHazkini Fiqri !

Zekirkiyo weys kinegreki?
B'xoblaHta lebey z'sereqki,
Ewe ! ruHey wesidkya Nie'rki:

" b'sala girmaKi ...
ne'Ay Adenzizki ,
Se'Emki derizki..
Kemferey neKiski,
AtHizkni Xubki;
kalas !ab'u te'Awitki :
Ab kal'ay me'Alti ..
ab goney deqiski ,
B'Haya selefki..
asirki Hizkni;
betrey Dess Eluki ...
natki ne'Ay Dess Eluni ,
zeyt'mno Dirar leyti..
natey k'tkoni jemirki! "

Ember Azebinay!
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Postby abel qael » 19 Aug 2007, 05:26

Me and Azebinay need your help . Can you do us a favour ? Please translate the two Tigrigna poems above in to either English or Amharic.

Postby abel qael » 20 Aug 2007, 07:58

qal Alem zieblu;
gzie key'axfa'ku;
atie nab'wushxKi...
Nebsey Hawii koynu;
Azebinay Shikorini...
Ele wela uuy tebel'ku;
t'Hayal selefki...
ay'sedekan Elu;
Hamedey gieruni...
ab'maHreshay a'tyu!

Postby abel qael » 21 Aug 2007, 23:57

Azebinay, Gixmun wededshiwal yihon? ahe he ...neqicheb'shalew !

huletachn ebab le'bab ..
sinteyay adern ;
adfixen kak le'kab..
minxaf anexifen ;
wexten adernat zeb...
teqaqfen tegni'ten.

Postby abel qael » 23 Aug 2007, 04:33

Deleted for discreetness sake.
Last edited by abel qael on 23 Aug 2007, 05:00, edited 2 times in total.

Postby abel qael » 23 Aug 2007, 04:56

I don't know how to express all this love within,

But maybe I can show you a little with this paper and pen.

Today as I sat here online waiting for you,
I thought you heard me calling " where are you?";

I thought of us together and all the many things we will do.

One night we could spend together watching the stars,
and It could be in Sellalie or in Bademe by the bushy hills,

While I gaze in your eyes telling you how beautiful you are.

Some nights we could just cuddle and talk,

Other nights we could just take a walk.

Not a minute will pass that I won't wish I could hold you,

Then pull you in .. you know why.. and tell you I love you.

Every night I'll pray that you will say lets meet and do it ,

But however long it takes is how long I will wait.

When we play spades I'll get happy when I see an ace,

But it would be nothing like the joy it would bring me just to see your face.

You always think that my love will tire as it goes longer,

But trust me each day that goes by it'll get stronger.

If there were no other reason to make you my wife,

It would be to hold you and love you for the rest of my life.

I could never tell you how proud I am to be your man,

So wherever we go at ER empire lets go hand and hand.

I don't know how to take all your political troubles away,

My only wish is that my love will replace them one day.

There is no problem that we can't solve,
I know the panacea is nothing but love;
But Just make sure .............
When it comes up that I'm involved.

Tonight I had this recurring dream,

That now and forever you will be my queen.

I dedicate this poem to you, queen Azebin. Everywhere I have one like you who can somewhat!!! open up my heart in the darkest rooms be it here at ER or in Bermuda , and every time I come here my heart belongs to you . This poem was written tonight while I was just laying in my bed thinking about this one - of course ; but, when, suddely, you, azebinay, who could be the ' future', showed up on the scene .


Postby Asmara » 23 Aug 2007, 05:32

I could hardly resist commenting on this thread. Politics and affection aside, I must admit that I have really appreciated and enjoyed your poem.The command and clarity of your Tigrigna language has led me to believe that you are a Tigrian who is born and raised in Eritrea. You rarely find a Tigrian who could write a poem without using words like "lawzi" and "Hizi"[BTW, these words are a put off]. You are in a different class. Good luck with your Azebka!

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