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Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby Guest » 26 Dec 2011, 02:17

Debre Selam St. Michael Ethiopian church in Toronto is one of the second largest Ethiopian orthodox tewahedo church in Candada. St. Michael church has been established 15 years ago however it’s members are still very few due to ethnic and corruption problem in the church. Some of the congregations stated that “ our congregation didn’t grow that much due to internal problems. The main obstacles for our congregation is the corruption of priests and deacons in the church. This problem has to stop somewhere, sometime , and we have to face it accordingly.”

List of Corrupted servants in the church:

Archbishop Abune Mathias Desta

Abune Mathias has established this church 15 years ago by gathering some Tigrigna speakers whoever has a problem to Worship in St. Mary’s Church Toronto due to hatred to Priest Misale. Abune mathias is a double face bishop. He always plays a game with the people : To the Tigrigna speakers he always lies and says that he is from Adwa . At the same time He is from Wolo ( Amhara ) to Amharic speakers. People know that he is playing a game however respect him as our tradition.

10 years ago Abune Mathias was accused by some church members of St. Michael , Hamilton , and Kitchiner church members that : Abune Mathias has two biological children. One of his son is Deacon tesfaye who is residing in Calgary and the other one is Afwerki who is residing in Mekele. While he was in Ethiopia one of his son’s mother tried to reveal the secret however he tried to cover up the problem by giving money to her, and he bought a house at the same time to her in addis ababa.
His son Deacon Tesfaye slept with Ato Tades’s wife ( taxi driver and para legal in Toronto) and Ato Tadese complaint to abune mathias about the incident happen between deacon tesfaye and his wife. However, abune mathias tried to cover up the problem and Ato tadess didn’t ignore the situation. Some of church members heard about it and involved in the situation. Some of the congregations from st. Michael, Hamilton and kitchiner church wrote a letter and sent to the Holy synod that they don’t want abune mathias. Requested to have another bishop from Ethiopia however some members say that Deacon Mebrat alemayo has written a letter to holy synod to falsify the complain and played a great role to drop this case.
Abune mathias has an ethnic sickness. He always sponsored priests and deacons who are from Woleye ethnic groups.

Priest melake hiwot form wolo…. St. Teklehaimanot church
Deaon fiseha tadese wolo St. teklehaminot church
Deacon mesfin birhanu wolo …..homeless in toronto
Priest tadess wolo ………………..guelf church
Priest in attowa from wolo
Priest from Hamilton .. wolo
Windsor priest …wolo
priest yared st. teklehaminot churh….. wolo
New priest Sertse ….. St. Michael church Toronto ……….wolo

Abune Mathias is trying to kick out Aba Markos reta from St. Michael and instead he wants to appoint as his assistance the new priest Sertse from WOLO. Instead of playing a great peace maker he is the one problem maker in the church. All the priests and deacons has no peace and integrity among themselves. Abune Mathias doesn’t care about the church ,but about himself . He is a money lover and gets money in Ethiopia from the Holy synod about 4,000 birr every month and gets pension in canada about 1200 dollars and at the same time has about 2000 canadian dollars salary from St. Michael.

The second most corrupted person in the church is Aba Markos Reta.

Aba Markos is half from Showa ( his father ) and half from Aksum tigray ( his mother )
This monk is also a double face man….He always organizes the showa people like deaon meles atnafu to shoot some tigrians if he doesn’t like them including abune mathias.
At the same time he has a hidden group from aksum like hibreteseb , and Selamawit from choirs.
Aba Markos has stolen all the money from the box of the church for many years and still he is sucking the congregation money. The members of the church drop money in the boxes and he has two keys for the boxes which is given to him from his best friend former president of the church ( Ato Yemane gebre ). A woman witnessed that aba Markos has opened the church on Monday while I was passing by and get in to the church. Aba markos didn’t give an attention because he was on the phone gossiping about the deacons and abune Mathias.” I stayed for 15 minutes inside the church and was little dark because there was no light. He opened the box and was taking all the money from it . A bunch of money was in his hand and suddenly when I came out from inside the church he dropped the money and shocked because he didn’t realize that I was there.” He stated that to the woman that he was trying to count the money and take it into bank, but wasn’t the true. The woman mention to one of her friend but her friend told her shut your mouth up and mind your business. In addition to that , her friend stated to her that probably is intitled to do that.
The congregation knows that aba markos has a gril friend. Her name is Selamawit and she volunteers as a choir in the church. She is the only one spends sometimes overnight in his private room. Deacon Ashenafi a victim of aba markos tried to challenge him however couldn’t resist him because now and then he is attacking the deacon by his groups. He tried to put Selamawit as the Sunday school organizer and get rid of Ashenafi. However, former president yemane gebre and his brother deacon Mebrahtu tried to calm down the situation.
He intoxicates himself almost every day in the afternoon. He drinks to much alcohol in his room and come out to the street after he drunk. Chat with the day care women in the neighbourhood. He does some nasty things with them which is an expected from a church father. He had a fall in the side the church several times due to intoxication with alcohol. However, recently he was intoxicated himself and was unconscious in the churh but luckly one of church member goes in the church and found him upside down in the stairs with no response. The church member called 911 and was hospitalize in Saint Michael Hospital.
He stated to some people that he is going to Ethiopia because Abune Paulos called him to become a bishop. Why all this thieves and adulterers becoming bishops?
Congregations revealed that aba markos set up Nebiyat gebre which is Deacon Michaele gebre’s sister to trap Deacon Ashenafi in a problem. While ashenafi was in the church early in the morning and advised to Nebiyat gebre to come early on Sundays to the church. This lady is an Ethiopian woman but claimed as an Eritean in Toronto for her case came to the church and stayed for 10 minutes inside and left home. However, aba markos gave her a bunch of money to set up this lady to accuse the deacon as if he sexually assault her. The woman stated to one of her family about the situation that what aba markos did for her. This lady is married however stated to police that she lost her virginity because of this deacon. What a white lie. We know her that she has a boy friend in Israel and also tried to put him in a problem. She has an excellent experience of such a nasty deeds. Her brother deacon Michaele gebre has two children and divorced his wife and serving a church. How the hell could do lie to the people and the church that if he divorced his wife has another fiancé in attowa which is arranged by aba markos. As we know a deacon has to has one wife not too many.
Deacon Meles atnafu.. from Showa.. the most arrogant person and has full of hatred towards tigrians however he is serving in St. Michael church with Tigrians. He insulted in the stage most of the time the tigrian ethnic groups but due to his supporter aba markos and deacon mebrahtu he servived till now. He attacked priest Melake hiwot ( priest in St. tekelhaminot church ) behind the curtain while priest melake hiwot was in st. Michael church.

Ato Alem who is Arsema’s wife ( Arsema variety store ) has been accusing deacon meles having affair with his wife. One of his Son the youngest one found Deacon meles slept with his mom and told his dad while deacon meles was rented a room in their store. Ato Alem told deacon meles to get out from the room and find another as soon as possible, at the same time he planned to tell the chuch officials. However, two of his friends advised ato alem that not to do that because it creates a huge problem with your family. He accepted their advice and kicked him out from the room. Some of the church officials like deacon mebrahtu knew about it however they said that it is a lie and stated that it is disrespecting the church.
He attacked Mahibere kidusan inside the church and influenced to get rid of them from the church. He stated that “ they are against the one holy church.” However, he tried to play a double face like his great fathers abune Mathias and aba markos that” sometimes he becomes with mahibere kidusan but attacks them from behind.”
He kicked out deacon Mesfin, Priest Mebrahtu ( st. mary’s church ), deacon fiseha and deacon Almayehu from the church by using his position in the church. At this time he also attacking deacon ashenafi by reporting to police and distributing some flyers against deacon ashenafi. He attacks to deacon Mebrahtu however this deacon is very solid and a corner stone to him, and he couldn’t challenge him. He is totally attacking the church in general.

Deacon Mebrahtu alemayo, he is also full of hatred against Mahibere kidusan. He played a great role to kick mahibere kidusan out from the church and has conviced the people. He is a politician and a diplomat of the church. He is the one covering the problems of aba Mathias and his friend deacon Meles’s problem in the church. Deacon mebrahtu due to his good social life with all the Ethiopians and Eriterians , they loved him and don’t want say anything against him. However, he knows all the corruption what is going on the church and has an authority to stop all this if he wills. Since he is supporting all this corrupted people probably he is also getting something from this people.

Deacon Mesfin a homeless deacon . He was married 10 years ago and has one son however after two years he divorced his wife , and tried to get married here in Canada. He involved in politics and has a great hatred towards tigrians. His father is from Eriteria but grown up in Desie wolo. He acts as amhara however he also demonstrates sometimes against Issays afwereki with some eriterians. He doesn’t have any stand but he serves in st. Michael church because of his family Abune mathias. He has another child in Toronto from a Jew wamon who met her in a school. Since he is a homeless man she left him alone. He did a welfare fraud and never worked for more than 10 years in Toronto. He slept in tim horton’s and coffee shops most of the time. He intoxicates himself most of the time in danforth areas and fights with some bar tenders.

In general St. Michael church has fully corrupted priests and deacons.

My suggestion to the congregation and all orthodox fellow brothers and sisters is let get rid of this corrupted people or be assertive to tell the priests to stop their corruption and be a good example to their people.

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby Minelik » 26 Dec 2011, 08:34

:roll: what is this? it looks like you know alot about these folks.. and which one are you?

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby guest2 » 26 Dec 2011, 10:53

some or most of the story might be true...I don't know. But st michael is a small church, and I don't think it can afford to pay $2000.00/month salary...btw....are you tigre? you are too much obssessed with ethinicism....

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby siren66 » 26 Dec 2011, 11:20

Minelik wrote::roll: what is this? it looks like you know alot about these folks.. and which one are you?

This is a good article that shows how the Woyanesus infiltration works. Notice also how he tries to play on the ignorance of his readers about the origin of the "bishop." I am saving this because it truly is a work of art in terms of painting the a9ame psychology.

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby Peace » 26 Dec 2011, 11:34

This is extremely sick even the sickliest sick is writer

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby mulu » 27 Dec 2011, 12:06

Minelik wrote::roll: what is this? it looks like you know alot about these folks.. and which one are you?

Let me ask you about Decon Mesfin? Being homless is that sin? Being homeless is thiat against religion? Do you thing that God will punish him because he is poor, or homless? Don't you know most of our saints are also poor homless people? have nothing to eat? And they even beg for food? Please go and study about our church. And D Mesfin is some one who stands to what he belives. Yes I can say he is not very smart poltician he is very direct because he is also religios person he always fight for truth and has no fear. And your accusaion not be able to bring his wife and son, he is not immigeration office. We are all imigerant not able to sponser family is not sin, it is part of so many immigreants life, please find something real sin and acuse him. Racism wow racism is not under D. Mesfin's dictionary at all even his enemy won't accuse him with racism. Mesfin belives he deserve better job accoring to his education and I belive he deserve that but as we know Candada not allways easy to get what u deserve. It is some how hard for D. Mesfin to accept and do any job just to survive as most of us finally aaccept. That is all Mesfin won't accept that reality and that by no means didn't affect his religion or any body else, it is just challenging for him self. I don't believe that D. Mesfin is half Eritieria but even if he is, is that sin no. So may ethiopinans are mixed race ormo tegere eriteria we are mixed, we all knows Mesfin strugled for Etthipia more than any one of us. We all just run for our self and family, but mesfin the other way he forget himself family and run for truth and Ethiopia. I wish if he can balance so that life will be easier for himself. But his dedication for the ethiopia poltices and truth we should appreciate and respect. Actually we should support and help him and also advise him to start think about him self. Alwayes he should put him self first. Because too much challeng isnot good he deserve better life as any one of us. And I know mesfin is very smart and educated person and just need to wake up and start to find a way to change his life. For few years even if necessary stay out from poltices and every thing else and dedicate him self for few years. I say if he give two years for him self and himself only can change every thing. He is smart guy can reach where ever he wants if he concentrate about himself only just two three years.

About Abune Matyas accusing him having childeren 30 years ago is this our conceren, if u say he did that now I will be really upset. But u are talking somthing that happens 25 and 30 years ago. that time he wasn't papas may be not even monk , to be Papas don't we belive he is elected by God. What ever his fault that time I belived God forgived him and elected him as our father. if u say he got kids after then yes we need to fight but please don't talk something that happens 30 years ago. And you can't talk about somthing happen 30 years ago for sure, no evidence so this is ye sefere alubalta, I think he is elected by old time senodeos, for sure they weren't like this generation senodeos. I belive it would be easier for them to check. And that Abune matias is not as this one for sure they had God's fear at that time and he won't be papas after having kids. And after divorce and menkusnea yaweme. And even the mother of there kids alive. This is really yemaymesle weshet. and even if it is true we all have so many sin and he is human being he is in a lot of mess now so u don't need to go 30 years back.

aba marcos, accusing him having girl friend please just forget him even the women. There are so many guys around her to go who , why she will go with monk, no one tust u. Who wants to be punished by God and to be even hated by people. did u see her sleeping with monk no? So just because she is closer to him He is monk what is wrong with that, he is her father. We all lost respect for our church and our fathers. But acuse them with something else but monk with this issue no don't do that. This is not even fair at all. This is from Devil not from human being so you should really regeret for wrting this. About money may be all I would expect may be involved but even hard to be sure. This is just albualta. and just put somthing eviedence. One women said this is not really good enough to acuse people.

About Mahber kedusan, if I were you I willnot put mahebere kedusane name with this type of accusation, Maheber kedusan they always have respect for the church fathers, they never write gosip. And they never talk about people personal life. Like you they don't hate and acuse like D. Mesfin just because his life is not sucessful. Or wrote samethig this is aba entena girl friend. you should be ashamed of calling Maheber kedusan. Let me tell you the people of st. Tekelaymanot church or Hmilton or kitchenr they were against the racism in st. Micheal church. nothing else. They never talk about Aba matios have childern this or that they are decent people. they start tekelhaymanot because they have no choice.

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby Guest » 02 Jan 2012, 18:15

Wow! This is just wrong. The writer is filled with hate and obsessed with ethnicity. This sounds more personal. It is as if this writer is trying to get back at some people. I don't buy it! I have to agree with the comment above me it is a great art! The writer seems to be not a well educated person as the article has a lot of grammar mistakes.

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby Faith » 03 Jan 2012, 22:49

In The Nmae of The father the son and The Holly sprit one God
this message is For every body if you Can faith and fear of God guys please understand to the glory of The Ethiopian Orthodox tewahido church in genneral when you want attak some body.
gys i don't care whos who i car about my church stop top the abouse of the leader of the church cause those peopel are chosed by almagyht God not by fellow chrisitians if you a problem with administrations try to be calm no one clean person exccept The God if you want to contnue this argument no one can win u will distroy the church and stop to balck mail the Old Arch bishop and celergy's please think widely and pray God will answer for you but most of your message is very fals cause i know some peopel are my relatives so called are weleye please if u want right try to rwright true message Mr wrighter you are very lier and propagandist, kidist betekrisityanin 30 amet be pipisina 30 amet bedikuna ena bekisna yagelegelut yeshimagilew abat ye bestue abune Matiyas amilak yemayitadegachew ayimiselih hulachinim Kegonachew lemekom yekifatachihun mecheresha eyetetebabekin new Nibiretachinim sheten kegonachew endeminikom aregagitalehu this canada yetalakuwan Betekirisitiyan meri sim atefiteh Bewunetu beselam etegnalehu bileh kehone betam denikoro neh mekemek tegebataleh anitet menafik neh amilake kidusan Libi yesitih eyaliku Hulem enitseliyalen
Thank you
one of the memeber of the church

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby benjamin meskel » 03 Jan 2012, 23:49

Minelik wrote::roll: what is this? it looks like you know alot about these folks.. and which one are you?

who ever wrote this statement it is shame on you.who do u think you are? before u wrote this statement did u talk to the bishop?IF U Saying I AM CHRISTIAN LIVE LIKE CHRISTIAN.we know what happen about melake heyote in st mikael church. but they did not say nothing.because they don,t want to blacked the name of the church and the orthodox religion. so i would say learn from melake heyote.As orthodox we are we have to solve our problem internally as much as we thing you should know ;don,t make a hole for hyenas.please don,t do it again if u are tewaedo christian.

Re: Corruption in St. Mikael Ethiopian church, Toronto

Postby YeSat-Nebelbal » 04 Jan 2012, 00:13

guest2 wrote:some or most of the story might be true...I don't know. But st michael is a small church, and I don't think it can afford to pay $2000.00/month salary...btw....are you tigre? you are too much obssessed with ethinicism....

I cannot help but answer to this funny suggestion

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