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The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea?

Postby Ertrawnet » 12 Oct 2011, 16:26

I Suspect the Amhara came from the Akele Guzay region which is one of the 3 important regions of the Kabessa highlands along side Hamasein, and Seraye. Back then Eritrea was called Medri Bahri and had its own kingdom, many people from the kebessa highland migrated to modern Abyssinia or Abesha which is a corruption of the name Kabessa. One of the first rulers of medri bahri was King Ezana, who came from Seraye (Kebessa). He was the first to convert to Christianity he was converted by Frumentius, in debawara. He Christianized the whole kabessa and the Lowlanders, one of the people whom he Christianized was the people of DEKE AMHARI = sons of the blessed. I suspect the name Amhara maybe has something to do with the village of Deke Amhari?

King Ezana the Bahre Neggasi, also built the famous Steel in Tigray, Abrhaa also the built a Rock church near Hawzeen in Tigray!! this can be seen as a Evidence of a migration from the north to the south

Abreha Asbeha Rock Church near hawzeen

Steel of king ezanaa in Aksum tigray, a city he created !!!

Debra Sina is a monastery in the highlands of Eritrea near Keren in the Anseba Region.

Maybe The pepole of Debre sina migrated to modern day amahra kelil and named a Woreda after their ancestral Village ??

Debre Sina (Amharic, "Mount Sinai") is one of the 105 woredas in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Debub Wollo Zone, Debre Sina is bordered on the south by Wegde, on the west by the Abbay River which separates it from the Misraq Gojjam Zone, on the north by Sayint, and on the east by Legambo. The administrative center is Mekane Selam; other towns in Debre Sina include Amsale Genet.
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Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Halafi Mengedi » 12 Oct 2011, 18:08

Wedi Dembia,

Have you ever been in dembia your ancestral land yet???

You do not have to find your ancestral history just look the Seraye people the way they look their psychic thinking and their heights, they are identical to the Dembia Gonder people. When a rope is tightening by the Seraye, Adwa and Gonder even the rat won’t cut it let alone other Ethiopians and Eritreans.

Akele Guzay, Adigrat and Guragea are the same people from the same region except Guragea moved to central Ethiopia.

Seraye and Adwa moved from Dembia to central Tigray now Seraye and Adwa. You do not have to take my word but look their feature both Seraye and Adwa similar to Gonder.

Look Akele Guzay, Adigrat and Guragea, all they look alike.

There was no anyone moved from Eritrea highland to central Ethiopia as you claimed. Some Tigrayans moved to Amhara region and created Amharic language and culture and became Amhara but the Amhara people are more to the south than the north specially shewa, they are mixed of Oromo and other ethnics. Gojam and Wello and Gonder are Semetic like us.

If you look closely the three Awraja of Eritrea highlanders, they are not similar because their origin are from different places and gin.

Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Ertrawnet » 12 Oct 2011, 20:11

Abessinian, i dont think oromos setteld in the north, the last bus top for oromos and thier kind is raya land, where halfai mengedi came from :lol: :lol: But there is a inscription made by King Kaleb how he crushed an Oromo invasion atempt, some oromos look like habehsa, did they conquer the north, and take our woman ??? I mean its cleary that ethier our men mixed wiht thier females or thier males mixed with our Females (kebessas and tigray) Ihope not the later one. :? :? :? ..
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Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Ertrawnet » 12 Oct 2011, 21:13

Halafai mengedi,

Your information is biased because you hate the north tigreans deke adwa, askum and surronding villages,you are Regionalist matter of fact they speak better tigrnya than your people, the rayas...Nskom Gasha ikom ab Tigray, mas ikom nab hagerkoum ktmelesu?? you came straight out of Oromia, you only a guest in Tigray, bezabha Tigray ktsareb mesel yeblkan :lol: :lol:

I have read many books about Our regions and i have never ever heard that adwans and the whole seraye region is from Dembia gonder, it is the oppostite Amahru is mix of Tegary&kebessawians...I have even heard that Gonder was created by a serayen/adwan man..Tigrinya actually came from what is today kebesssa,later to aadwa and those northen parts...By the way where did you read this Dembia crap??? :roll: :roll:

some times ur funny :lol:


Bejanised Tigrinyas from Seraye, who setteld in kassala they are called HALENGA meaning beatyful in Tigrinya

All 3 [email protected]:38 in this video are from mendefera

Boy from Mendefera

Girl From Mendefera

North tigray



Very beatyfull pepole from booth side you must be JELOUSE, :lol: :lol: :lol:
Have the nort tigreans discriminated you or something?? :lol: :lol:

Raya Azebo, the guest in tigray, you came from south of moyale :lol: :lol:
Ab kebessa wolhade seb gualom medey habukum (for marriage), how are the northen parts??
do they give or allow their daughters to marry gumaye gumaye singers ?? :lol: :lol:

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Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Deqi-Arawit » 12 Oct 2011, 21:57

Ertrawnet wrote:Yess amhara came from the Akele guzay wich is one of the 3 important regions of the Kabessa highlands along saide hamasein, and Seraye. Back then Eritrea was called Medri bahre and had its own kingdom, many pepole from the kebessa highland migrated to modern Abessina or Abesha wich was a corruption of the word Kabessa. One of the first rulers of medri bahre was King Ezana also called Abreha Asbeha, who came from Seraye, but still he was an Kabessawi. He was the first to convert to christianty he was converted by Frumentius,in debawara.. He christianzed the whole kabessa and the Lowlanders, one of the pepole who he Christinazied was the pepole of
Village DEKE AMHARI= sons of the blessed. The first settlers of amhara region, their are the fathers of Modern day Amharaa

Amhara cant be sons of akele guzay mainly because...Akele are very conservative people..even among the highlanders, they are the most conservative one. while amhara are extremly liberal in their way of thinking. Akele is actioned oriented while amhara are talk oriented. enough said

As far as king ezana =Abreha Atsbeha....You sound more like amhara debetera historians who claim white is black and black is white depending on the weather. King Ezana is the first king of the axumite empire while Abraha Asbeha was a governor of Yemen and South Saudi arabia who was dispatched by King Kaleb ...In fact you can read about Abraha Asbaha in the Quran in the section 3am al fil [years of the elephant] The Arabs refer him as Abraha al sharaf [Abraha the scarface] who tried to destroy the muslim place of worship the black stone [kaaba] with his huge army and the mechanized brigade of the time [Elephants] but because of some weird circumstances..his army was decimated by some disease.

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Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Halafi Mengedi » 12 Oct 2011, 22:03

Eritreans you should be honest with themselves, we know the history of the old Ethiopia more than anyone so when Alula was the governor of Eritrea in the 18th century he capital was in Asmara, Hamassien and the Hamassien men were rule by their wife and the wife in the house was the boss of the families. The guys used to carry big jar on their head to fetch water from near by River. Thanks to one brave Hamassien went to Alula resident and told the story Tigrayans did not know and Alula was very surprised and proclaimed new law no man in Eritrea to carry jar to fetch water and the man is the boss of the house. Since then they became real men and aligned with Tigray culture.

How come the men were beaten by their wives and crying like a baby in the 18th century, you guys claim Ezana was from Eritrea and built this and that???

Alula came way after Ezana and during Alula rein Eritrea men were the women, the women were the men let alone to do something else. If Ezana was from Eritrea how come he allows himself to be beaten by his wife yet he ordered the men to erect Axum Hawelti and how on earth will the Axumite Feudalist allow him to claim to power as King of the Axumite???

Eritreans we Tigrayans are wiser than what you perceive us and there is no such north and south Tigray or west and east Tigray, we are one Tigray despite the [deleted] BANDA mercenaries Sebhat and Meles trying to divide us. That is exactly you were telling them during the struggle to serve your interest to get independent and landlocked us and now you are working hard to divide Tigray in order to loot Ethiopia and build your dream Bandaland.

BTW, when I said Seraye and Adwa are from the same place called Dembia, I am not referring anything bad or good. Dembia is the heart of Ethiopia and they are fellow citizens. The Guragea moved to the center of the country does not mean anything good or bad. When I said Akele Guzay and Adigrat are the same people, I am not refereeing anything bad or good.

Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Ertrawnet » 12 Oct 2011, 23:01

Deki arawit, your right abrha and king ezana was two completley diffrent peoples, atleast you knew, the rest did not know :lol: :lol:
Do you see how halafi leflafii claims he know the history better than anybody :roll: :roll:
Debtera historians are guys like Halfai and Addis birhane who wrote the book "Eritrea a problem child of Ethiopia" he wrote if Eritrea was a independent nation or kindgdom where was the rases, and where was the anicent kings?? He even made the cover in Paintbrush from windows 98Now thats a debteran Historian :D :D Your Right Akeles are Conservative People, Bahta hagos was a greater leader and a warrior from akele who managed to put fear into the heart of Italians,he liberated all AkeleGuzay, then qonqered eastern tigray and later he decided to subjucate the peoples of that region and turned them into his mercanaries to fight his war...

Halafi leflai

Thats not true, your refering to the woman of old asmara, who SUGGESTED the men should unify,and kill thier enemey. In our culutre a woman can come with suggestions, whats wrong with that?? That doesnt mean the men where fetching water on thier heads and and got beaten by their womans,becuse they listend to a suggestion, these guys where real men of warrior caliber, remeber 40 % of EPLF where woman, and they killed alot of dergis and other gumama pepoles...Anyways,Ras Alula was a big metree/emse, after yohness iv betrayed teodroes he reccived alot of modern weapon from the brittish, he was a tratior and nothing to be proud of,whats the diffrence between him and Meles?? Its easy to seize power when you have modern weapons!! Ras alula was Yohness slave, when yohanees got defeted and the Italians came with far more superior weapon, ras alula was begging the italians not to hurt him,he was [ deleted ] in his pants, he licked the italia Behind so clean, matter of fact he and Menelik had a Asslickin contenst with the italians, they never suggested anything in selfrespecting or manly way, booth of them suggested things to the italians like depserate woman. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

If hamasien was Alulas province why didnt he figth for it?? he was only able to fight poor farmers, or armies with spears and swords...
You are not even considerd a Tigrayan by the Weyanes, you are subjucated and threated like second class citizen, becuse they have the modern weapons, and you have have only a stick and stone, WEyane is using the same coward hayena tactic as Ras Alula and Yohness, meaning pray on the defensless people, in this case the defenseless are, Ogadenis, Amharas, Gambellas, and the lowest are your kind the Methait "Tigrayans" :D What are you doing about it??? abey alo jeggnetka, abey alo Gimbarka, abey alo tegadeltika??

Ras alula can only fight poor civilians or armys who only had spears, if he did not reccive thosee weapon ras alula be killed long time ago..
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Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Fed_Up » 12 Oct 2011, 23:08

Haree Mengedi

anta Listro MeChi NeW gEn BeGemEt MeTsAf YemTaQomew?
...TaRiK EyaNachEk eko me nothing will kill you but inferiority complex.

Erytrawinet from our side and Haree mengedi from the Listors side are two confused DOMA rases we can find here in ER.
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Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Delete my account » 12 Oct 2011, 23:13


What is wrong with Oromo facial features?

Well, it is clear that you are an ugly negro who is desperately seeking Oromo attention.

Look at their caucasian noses and compared to tigrinya noses.. they are truly more beautiful than tigrinya monkeys.

very poor women but beautifu.

Elias please ban this gorilla (Ertrawnet) he is very much obsessed with Oromo people!!

Re: The Amhara Tribe Came from AkeleGuzay region in Eritrea !!

Postby Fed_Up » 12 Oct 2011, 23:16

Oromo qews

you are the first one Elias should ban for life.

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