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98% of the EPRDF centeral executive members are Tigreas.

Postby Bekeken » 02 Apr 2007, 15:50

List of Central Members of EPRDF

1. Meles Zenawi (Chairman) - Tigre
2. Addisu Legesse (Vice Chairman) - Tigre/Amara
3. Seyoum Mesfin (Executive Member) - Tigre
4. Arkebe Equbay (Executive Member) - tigre
5. Abay Tsehaye (Executive Member) - Tigre
6. Dr.Tedros Adhanom (Executive Member) Tigre
7. Abay Woldu (Executive Member) Tigre
8. Abadi Zemo (Executive Member) - Tigre
9. Tewodros Hagos (Executive Member) Tigre
10. Tsegaye Berhe (Executive Member) - Tigre
11. Tefera Walwa (Executive Member) - South
12. Ayalew Gobeze (Executive Member) - Tigre/amara
13. Bereket Simon (Executive Member) - Tigre
14. Ambachew Mekonnen (Executive Member) Amara
15. Demeke Mekonnen (Executive Member) amara
16. Yohannes Buayalew (Executive Member) Tigre/Amara
17. Birhan Hailu (Executive Member) Tigre
18. Yoseph Reta (Executive Member) Tigre
19. Abadula Gemeda (Executive Member) Tigre
20. Girma Biru (Executive Member) amara/South
21. Kuma Demeksa (Executive Member) Oromo
22. Shiferaw Jarsso (Executive Member) Oromo/South
23. Aster Mammo (Executive Member) Tigre
24. Muktar Kedir (Executive Member) Tigre
25. Juneidi Saddo (Executive Member) Tigre
26. Zelalem Jemaneh (Executive Member) Tigre
27. Driba Kuma (Executive Member) Oromo
28. Hailemariam Dessalegn (Executive Member) amara/south
29. Shiferaw Shigute (Executive Member) Tigre
30. Ambasador Teshome Toga (Executive Member) Amara/South
31. Dr. Kassu Illala (Executive Member) Gurage
32. Mekuria Haile (Executive Member) Tigre
33. Tsegaye Mamo (Executive Member) - Tigre
34. Alemayehu Assefa (Executive Member) Tigre
35. Dr. Shiferaw Teklemariam (Executive Member) Tigre
36. Redwan Hussein (Executive Member) -Tigre

Postby Dan » 02 Apr 2007, 17:04

Juneidi Saddo Tigre?
Abadula Gemeda (Executive Member) Tigre?

I thought they are Oromos.

Big lie

Postby tokicha » 03 Apr 2007, 06:59

you guys are big liers

23. Aster Mamo born in Illubabor Region Demb town from her Father Sargent Mamo (Welega) and her mother Sileshi Belayneh (Menze, shewa)

24. Muktar 100% Oromo

25. Jubeidi Saddodo 100 % Oromo

26. Zelalem Jemaneh his father Amhara (neftegan) and mother mix

... this is only something I know can't be diffrent from the truth. you guys are real losers. You will never win politics with big lies. You need to to lie reasonably.. Yak Diaspora lie.

Postby Teklu » 03 Apr 2007, 07:43

Meles zenawi not tigre but ertirean and acting as shabeas spy by fooling the tigreans. the rest are carpets whom meles is used to walk on...
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Postby Bekeken » 03 Apr 2007, 08:05

Dan wrote:Juneidi Saddo Tigre?
Abadula Gemeda (Executive Member) Tigre?

I thought they are Oromos.

Don't get fool by these TPLF crooks. They changes their name and give a bogus story for themselves and act like member of the ethnic group they are assigned to subjugate. For example the true name of Abadula is Woldemichel who is Tigre by ethnicity.

Postby Bekeken » 03 Apr 2007, 12:01

Ethiopia under one family ruling party

Here is TPLF'S criminal family who controls Ethiopian national assets and all levels of power

1. Meles Zenawi - TPLF leader and Ethiopian Prime Minister
2. Sebhat Nega - TPLF politburo and President Meles Zenawi's advisor
3. Kidusan Nega (Sebhat Nega's sister) - Mekele Mayor and TPLF central commite member
4. Tsegay Berhe (Kidusan Nega's husband) - Tigray province president and TPLF politburo member
5. Aberash Nega (Sebhat Negas's sister) - run for Addis Abeba city council in May election (with her two cousins) but not elected.
6. Two daughters of Sebhat Nega's mother are from Eritrea like Meles Zenawi's Mother
7. Sebhat Nega's sister is Eritrea's defense minister Sebhat Efphrem's wife
8. Arekebe Ekubay's sister - the wife of Adis Alem Balema who is TPLF central committe member
9. Arekebe Ekubay's wife, Nigist Gebre Kirstos, is the sister of Berhane Gebre Kirstos who is TPLF central committee member and former Ambasador to the USA and current Ambassador to Brussels Belgium
10. Abay Woldu's wife, Turufat Kidane Mariam, is Meles Zenawi's justice and security chief, and TPLF central committee member. Abay Woldu - TPLF politburo member
11. Mulugeta Alemseged, who is Meles Zenawi's nearest family member - Meles zenawi's security chief and personal body guard
12. General Birhane Negas - Meles Zenawi's Palace security chief and the god-father of Meles Zenawi's daughter.

Postby kazanchis » 03 Apr 2007, 14:23

Yes not only him there are many Ertreans works for Meles like you said fooling the Tigrayans. Again do you know guys Endrias Eshete's pen name was Lencho? Tigrayans you better wake up! Look most of the big business are owened by Ertreans. They are about to control the east African by representing western product. They are the big excutive agent for every big company. Example look Mesfin Enginering 1. Manpower
1.1 Management Personnel
Name Position Education
Tewolde Asfaw General Manager M.Sc (Mech. Engineering), M.A (Economics)
Habte Hadish Deputy General Manager B.Sc. (Mech. Engineering)
Getachew Oqubay Manufacturing & metal construction plant Manager B.Sc. (Elect. Engineering)
W/Kiros Asfaw Automotive & equipment assembly plant Manager M.Sc. (Mech. Engineering)
Dr.Tesfahunegn B. Industrial maintenance & EM erection services Manager PHD (Mech. Engineering)
Awol Mohammed Quality [deleted]. Manager B.Sc. (Mech. Engineering)
Hadera Tesfay Finance Manager B.A (Accounting)
K/Mariam Ataklti HRD Manager M.A (Management)
Tsegaye W/Yesus Procurement & Supply Manager B.A (Accounting)
Tamerat Yohannes Customer Support Manager M.Sc. (Mech. Engineering)
Fasil Gessesew Sales Manager B.Sc. (Mech. Engineering)

Look what they have all are Ertreans

Teklu wrote:Meles zenawi not tigre but ertirean and acting as shabeas spy by fooling the tigreans. the rest are carpets whom meles is used to walk on...

Postby kazanchis » 03 Apr 2007, 16:46

Again (specialy to Ethiotigrayans), wake up! wake up! you are used by Shabia look where you are! you are hated by most of Ethiopian, Most of outsider like Arab, Somalians, Sudanis even most Africans too and even europian also b/c you are used by your shabian leaders. But still you are supporting and killing for the sake of Meles and his family plus under cover Ertreans. Do you remember these people?

1. Teclu Hawaz, member of the central committee of the TPLF and a former teacher from Adua;

2. Atsbeha Dagnew (aka Shewit), deputy member of the CC of the TPLF;

3. Dawit, from Agame region, a leading member of the TPLF's Mass Mobilization Department;

4. Nigisti Woldu (female), also a leading member of the above department;

5. Hagos Haile Selassie, a student from Adua;

6. Abera Menka, a student from Enderta;

7. Iqubagzi Beyene (aka Rezene), from Axum, a University student;

8. Nega Tecle Mariam, student from Tembien;

9. Fisseha Seifu, a student from Tembien;

10. Hailal, a student from Kilte awalalo;

11. Gizaw, a radio technician;

12. Abebe, a student from Erbakassa, Tembien;

13. Alula, a graduate of the Alemaya agricultural college;

14. Hintsa Shifferaw, a student from Axum;

15. Mulugeta Abraha, a leading member of the TPLF's cultural troupe;

16. Gidey W. Giorgis, a university student who hailed from Shire;

17. Tewolde "Djibouti", from Axum, a musician;

18. Asmelash Asegehey, from Adua, clandestine organizers for the TPLF in urban centers'

19. Wolde Hawaryat (Hadgay), from Tembien;

20. Gebre Tsadkan, a student from Adua;

21. Berhane Gebre Michael, a student from Adua;

22. Yekuno, a student from Agame;

23. Haile Selassie Gebre Meskel, from Adua;

24. Gebrehiwot Berhane (aka Bado-bado), from Tekuz, Adua

25. Hagos Atsbeha, who had worked for the TPLF in the Sudan;

26. Grazmatch Belay Gebru, from Qolla Tembien;

27. Abadi Tedla, from Degga Tembien;

28. Worku Leul, from Gera'alta, Enderta;

29. Araya Asfaw, from highland Tembien;

30. Asfaw Welde Aregay, from Yeha, Adua (a former footballer and trainer);

31. Kebede Gebre Igziabher, from Adiet, Axum;

32. Memher Semali, a monk from Shire;

33. Nasser Abdel Semed, a theologist from Shire;

34. Fitawrari Embiza, from Adua;

35. Yemane Gebre Meskel, a member of the central committee of the Tigray Liberation Front (TLF);

36. Yohanes Tekle Haimanot, a member of the CC of the TLF;

37. Gebre Yesus Gebre Igziabher, a student kidnapped from Adua ;

38. Tadesse Tilahun, a member of the CC of the TLF;

39. Berhe Gebre Mariam, a teacher kidnapped from Adua;

40. Grbre Kidan Gebre Tensai,a farmer from Adua.

Updated 17.11.2000

41. Fitewrari Bitsue Welde-Georgis Enderta (Seharti)

42.Wezero Bafena Atsibiha Enderta (Seharti)

43. Gra-azmach Taddele Maru Tembien

44.Kegna-azmzch Kiros Maru Tembien

This is but only a partial list of the people murdered by the TPLF during its struggle fo r power. The TLF was a rival organization whose leadership was killed by the TPLF which had called them for a reconciliation meeting.

Relatives of the above and of the many others killed by the TPLF in Tigrai are demanding that the TPLF

(a) brings to trial those who ordered and committed the killings and

(b) makes an open account of the many other innocent people killed by the organization prior to its assumption of power.

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