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If I am a President or Prime minister.....

Postby AweloNefas » 14 Feb 2010, 12:18

* Erase ethnic federalism idiology from the face of the earth, because Ethiopia is the only one practicing it.

* Give ultimatums to the two synodos of The Ethiopian Church - Unite or cease to exist.

*National reconcilation(beharawi erki)Mengae,Meles and all top TPLFites pre and post 'henfeshfesh' era,Negede Gobeze and MIESON crowd,Dawd Ibsa and OLF crowd,Obang Metho and the Anwak council crowd,ONLF leadership,Aregawi Berhae and the ERENA crowd, ESEPA leadership, Military leadrs of Harar Acadamy,Holeta Acadamy,Airforce Acadamy of pre-woyane era,EPRP leadership and the Debetraw crowd,Royal families and Ato Abera Yemanabe would be having coffe cermony on Mesqel Adebabaye, Ayite Isayas Afeworkqi and W/O Saba Haile are wellcome to join in too - W/O Wubanchi and W/O Azeb will be the kadamies, General Jagema Kelo, Belatengeta Hailu Gebryohanes aka Gomeraw, Ato Gebreysus Gorefu, Ababa Tesfaye would be the Merakie elders. It will be Solomon Asemlash, Mimi Sebhatu, Zerihun Teshome, Pro.Ephraim Yishaq, Dr.Fasil Nahom, Genenew Asefa, Indrias Eshetae, Mulugeta Aserate Kassa and Aberham yayeh free zone though.Thier Ethiopian citizenship will be stripped away from them for life and in the after life. Donald Livine and Paul Henze would be in the persona non grata list forever. Madiba Nelson Mandela and Pro.Richard Pankrust would be guest of honours. Shambel Belayeneh, Tamange Beyene,Aberham G/medhin,Mohamed Ahemd,Ali Bira,Egigayehu Shibaba,Mulatu Astatekae,Getachew mekuria,Hailu Mergia(walias),Roha Band and Teddy Afro will be part of this megafest. The participation of Solomon Tekalinge would be left to the decision of ER intelgence unit.

*Acquire Ethiopia her sea port - Asab and include it to Wolo province.

*Return the monarchy system,as the constitutional monarchy. The Emperor would be entitled to bestowe the aristocratic titles to individuals based on merit and accomplishments.For instance Haile Gebresselassie would be RAS. Balu Girma would be Betwoded (RIP).

*Evaluate the land and economic policy in a way Ethiopia is self reliable.Give incentives to Ethiopians who want to invest big in the country. Give special attention to the construction, agriculture and technology field.Land would not be leased to foreign nationals.

*Outlaw the domestic servitude of the daughters of Ethiopia in the middle east and prostitution in Ethiopia.Make this law named After the most loved and respected person by me - The 'ASRAT WOLDEYES HEG'.

*Make Ethiopia the super power of Africa in military, and name one of its special force command 'Belay Zeleke',its Naval base 'Zerai Deres',its Airforce Acadamy 'Legesse Tefera'. Medals of bravery and merit, that would be given to soldiers, would be named after Fitawerari Gebriye,Ras Alula,Hailemariam Mamo, Balicha AbaNefso, Demissie Bulito, Mengistu Neway, Moges Asegedom, Aberham Deboche, Ras Abebe Aregai,Aman Andome,Ali Berkae,Tikure Anebesa(remembering thier five years bravery)and Nadew (remebering thier service)

*Any treaty regarding Nile, border with Sudan and Eritrea has to be to the advantage of Ethiopia National interest.

*Bring back the orginal Ethiopian flag plain GREEN YELLOW RED; while the Emperial flag would still maintain its respectable status at the emperial court and in Ethiopia. Make 'Ethiopia Hagerachen' by Hirut Bekele A National Anthem of Ethiopia.

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