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Ethiopian jokes

Postby Hawi » 26 Feb 2009, 21:28

What do you call an Ethiopian with feather sticking out of his [deleted]?

A dart. :D :D

What do Ethiopians do at night?

They starve.

What is 4:3:4?

The measurements of Miss Ethiopia.

What's the best way to kill 100 flies in Ethiopia?

Hit an ethiopian in the face with a shovel.

What do you call 50 Ethiopians standing side by side?

a barcode.

What's the best thing about a [deleted] from an Ethiopian woman?

You know she'll swallow.

What does an Ethiopian use for a hool-a-hoop?

A cheerio.

What do Ethiopians use for leg braces?


What is the only positive thing about Ethiopians?

H.I.V. ... 50714.html

Re: Ethiopian jokes

Postby hmantes » 26 Feb 2009, 22:16

I am up for bashin on weyane anytime of the day..but as far as joking AT them alongside other races..f** dat, its played out. lets move on. I mean its fun and all when its with your Ethe friend and you're tryin to bust his balls and all, but still...

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