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Postby Minyaregal » 11 Apr 2007, 15:40

The Silver Bullet for Woyane is the following:

On May 15, 2005, 90% of 25 million or so Ethiopians have SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR THAT WOYANE'S TIME IS UP.

Just like a Dracula who hates garlic, you really get upset when that date is mentioned. We will never forget that date for the Millenia to come, and soon when Woyane is gone, May 15, 2005 will be a National Holdiay for Ethiopians of all kind, including honest Tigreans.

Postby lemlem » 11 Apr 2007, 15:52


blah blah blah
why is it hard for you to stick to the topic?? is it because you can't disprove my statements at the beginning of this thread??? :lol:

on election, i already told you what everybody knows on who won the election.
esu addis tarik aydelem, woyane endashenef hulachenem enawkalen.... ahune gin yeminawerawu sele lala guday newu.....

so please give any proof and ANY answer to the original statements.

otherwise not only 2005, even for the next 100 elections kinijit will not win if you can't even disprove my original statements.

if you repeat again & again about something OUTSIDE the topic
and if you post about something else, that means you have NO ANSWER. ....& that would mean you are just elias kifle's parrot malet newu. :lol:

but if you have full response to everything on the original statement, post it below and lets see if kinijit can win in the next hundred years.


Postby Minyaregal » 11 Apr 2007, 17:45

This is always the beginning of any discussion of current Ethiopian politics:

On May 15, 2005, 90% of 25 million or so Ethiopians have SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR THAT WOYANE'S TIME IS UP.

Lemlem, minaminin minamin ka-lalut, gebto yifetefital. Look nobody wants you on this forum. Don't make yourself important by posing this and that issue on this forum as if you matter. You raise a question and you ansswer it yourself, as woyane did, on May 15; they said Election, and when 90% of ethiopians told them "go back to the bush we don't want you" they killed and maimed and said we will cling to power at any cost ..., the rest is history . . .

Postby lemlem » 11 Apr 2007, 19:04

thanks for proving your inability to answer and support your kinijit leaders. :lol:

maybe some one will...


Postby lemlem » 11 Apr 2007, 20:04

even THE elias kifle, the #1 woyane hunter couldn't dispute my statements against kinijit.

the truth hurts! reason wins!!


Postby kunta konte » 11 Apr 2007, 20:13

Lemlem, you are barking like your tribal war lords, however you do not go anywhere finally you will be crush by the poppular struggle of Ethiopians.
weaynes dream of bulding greater Tigray and your bark will bury soon and turn to illussion.
I know you are nothing except a paid weyane agent.

lemlem wrote:even THE elias kifle, the #1 woyane hunter couldn't dispute my statements against kinijit.

the truth hurts! reason wins!!


Postby Hatsani Daniel » 11 Apr 2007, 22:09

azeb wrote:TPLF failed and let Ethiopia fail several times because they believe in the barrel of the gun,nothing else.They will be on power doing nothing significant to change Ethiopia as long as the US government support them,I know without the US support Meles can not feed his million man army.

If you do in US what you did in Addis Ababa, the police will shoot you with 19 bullets per person.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and then some especial for being third world hooligan.
That is reality.
BTW Weyannie doesn't need a million man army. Ethiopia has half the number of soldiers of eritrea, but ethiopia has 10 times the mobility and lifting capacity of Shaebia, so in modern jargon its called deployability.
The deployability of ethiopian army is only second to south africa in the continent.

Don't simply fillibuster here about million man or half million man.

Postby Hatsani Daniel » 11 Apr 2007, 22:14

Minyaregal wrote:This is always the beginning of any discussion of current Ethiopian politics:

On May 15, 2005, 90% of 25 million or so Ethiopians have SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR THAT WOYANE'S TIME IS UP.

Aren't the Somali and Tigray more than 10% LOL
All that PhD for nothing.

Re: Why kinijit failed & why EPRDF STILL better !!!

Postby kunta konte » 11 Apr 2007, 22:59

[there are many things i hate about woyane, and the # one thing was how the violent election riots were handled. it failed to show that its police force has matured or improved.
But to our pleasure, i heard that the EPRDF led police and other riot control security forces are training on how to use nonviolent methods like using water force to control riots.

But the fundamental issues remain clear to me and i want someone to disprove me with facts and reason.

here it is.

These two issues are the main problems that Kinijit brings and 80% of Ethiopians will continue to oppose kinijit because of these


The indirect wage of war against Eritrea called by Kinijit.
On the kinijit manifesto Chapter 1.56 it says "KINIJIT is different from all other political parties in that it is the only political party
that has in its program openly put as its political objective the historic right of Ethiopia to have an
outlet to the sea."

This quote above shows that kinijit needs to take the asseb and other eastern lands of eritrea in order to achieve its manifesto. No one in this world will give you almost 20% of its land without fighting it a long long war!!! Not just in land issue, this would create economic issue for eritrea because their number one goal is to be like Singapore for the huge ethiopia. they wanted to dominate this part of the economic sector and that was and that is why shabya is still fighting us and still arming contradicting rebels to completely fragment ethiopia.

How can something this important for eritrea in so many ways can be taken away by kinijit?? only by an endless war which ofcourse ethiopia will win BUT it will be one of the biggest and longest wars in history and it will go on and on even after kinijit takes asseb and occupy east eritrea.

it will also harm our country diplomatically,internationally. it can also create a religious war just like ICU almost succeeded last december. but this time is could be bigger because iran, libya are already sided with shabya. But just looking at it in general and in all honesty we can see how terrible this will be.


Knowing that--OLF was the voice of millions of oromos but now its support is only diaspora and few sympathizers.

Knowing that--If the system goes back to pre-1992 system of provincal land division that disempowers the nationalities who were never under "ethiopia" before mid 18th century, it would be like going back to "ha hu hi ha" for OLF and ESPECIALLY for the more radical other oromo separatists.

Knowing that-- if the current woyane system didn't allow oromo language equality, if the current woyane system didn't divide land by ethnicity to return it back to pre-mid18th century land allocation form, if the current woyane land/language/etc system didn't give OPDO and OFDM the oromo support they needed to withstand OLF and other radical oromo separatists, IF ALL of these DID NOT happen- since it would put us back to the pre-1992 system and since it would give all oromos a reason to fully support OLF after losing these fundamental land/language rights they had after the drafting of woyane/OLF constitution in mid 1990s

THEN--how can Kinijit say it would force all ethiopians to learn amharic and for amharic to dominate all institutions & colleges?? how can Kinijit say it will bring the system of land division back to pre-1992 of using PROVINCES?? also how can then kinijit defeat the oromo opposition not just from outside but also opposition from EVERY inch of Oromia land, after all those rights oromo people had under woyane system (which was drafted by OLF in 1993) is completely ERASED by kinijit???

for more information read what OLF said here about CUD/KINIJIT --
"Regardless of neo-Nafxanya’s backward-looking political programs that call for war with Eritrea (with the hope of capturing Assab), eliminate nations’ rights to establish their identities, eliminate nations’ already nominal federalism and privatize land. They plan all these priori measures to prepare the ground to eventually roll the nation back to the Nafxanya system should they win this election. Despite all these potentially catastrophic missions of the neo-nafxanya political organizations, the people, especially the Finfinne population, elected the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD) politicians to power.
The competing candidate, the CUD, is the greater of the two evils. The neo-Nafxanyas never learn from history. They are set to repeat all the mistakes of their Nafxanya predecessors. This group will not hesitate to revive the old Nafxanya policy of divide and rule. Even before grabbing power, they are busy planning how to partition the Oromos and other nationalities along rivers and hills into miniature provinces to effectively weaken the unity of the Oromo and other southern peoples so that they could easily prey on them. They are busy preparing to deny nations’ their constitutional rights to self-determination etc. These are deportments that might lead hell to break loose in that country leading to another round of civil war, shames and woes.

poor Lemlem,
I think you simply hate Elias. Please try to engage mature and rational political debate instead of using your lame words.
I am sure your cry do not get any ear, except you waste your time. The people of Ethiopia know more than what you think and will never mislead your Weyane orinted propoganda.
If you think positive you could do better.

these two fundamental issues is the reason most people think EPRDF is still better than kinijit.

so why do some confused people still think kinijit is good???
i don't hate kinijit but i just don't think their policies are practical.
someone please try to use reason and dialogue to disprove this.

thank you.[/quote]

You got beat at the booth

Postby Gone with the Wind » 11 Apr 2007, 23:18

Lemlem, you are the one that is missing the point. Your woyane leadership got beat at the voting booth. You have no right to discuss how bad kinjit would be for Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people chose them with all the baggages they carry. The Ethiopians rejected the minority regime. Democracy is all about majority rule and hopefully minority rights. Sooner or later your woyane leadership have to face it. By the way, introduction in order, I am an Eritrean. I have a concern on Kiinjit's position on Assab. However, I do not worry about it. You come for assab, you get what is coming to you. Your woyanes had some little help last time around, But that was for badme. A war we should not have fought for. For Assab, it would be far different. For the moral high ground would be on our sides. Now about the Oromos and the somalis, that is a lot of issues you have on your hand. Your woyane soldiers are killing the somalis in their own backyard. You know the somali is a born fighter. The Oromo is a sleeping giant. There is a judgment day. Everyone has a day. You are the proof. The beggars are in Minilik palace straight from the rugs. The oromos and somalis do not have to go that far.

Hail to liberty.

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