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Postby lemlem » 28 Apr 2007, 09:54

focus on the thread's is about the FAILED neftenga policies of kinijit which are
- anti-OLF, anti-OPDO, anti-ONLF, anti-SPDP,anti-debubs, anti-OFDM (article 39,language issue, provincal policy)(against 60% of ethiopia)
- anti-woyane, anti-minorities (hate against tigres, neftenga one-ethnic dominating culture)(against 20% of ethiopia)

kinijit the addis ababa neftenga party, as explained on original statement has failed completely..

let the baby neftengas try to save their dying party


Postby lemlem » 28 Apr 2007, 11:29

olliqqa wrote:Neftegna's Kinijit party was died back in 2005.There is no way for resurrection.kinijit prisoners will be deported to yemen where they came from upon their release.They will never see Oromia again.

:lol: but lets give them some hope...even though i didn't believe in kinijits oneethnic, pro-rioting policies, i still don't think kinijit should be completely kicked out. i believe every party has one or two good things to offer. there will be some little things that kinijit can provide to our parliament...

anyway, there are still blind kinijit fans (not ethiopian wannabe shabias in ER) that still believe kinijit can become lazaras. let them have a chance to disprove this thread that shows kinijit policies are anti-80% of ethiopia.

they are in their 9th lifeline

Postby A.Geremew » 29 Apr 2007, 05:37


Ewnetem endesemih eqqa neh.

Postby A.Geremew » 30 Apr 2007, 05:09

Olli - Eqqa?

Who are you friend? Are you the Arab guy talking Arabic? What does Habesh means mate? The destructive tribal politics and the darkness you are trigggering towards the Ethiopians cannot put the light and love. Let your mind work!!!

Re: Why kinijit failed & why EPRDF STILL better !!!

Postby Ewnetu Ferede » 30 Apr 2007, 15:46

Lemlem, you said: "No one in this world will give you almost 20% of its land without fighting it a long long war" You are absolutely right, if there is one crazy person that gives his country's port to others without a fight is "Meles Zemawi" . All that Kinjit says about Assab is - Let’s get back our port" If Eritreans fight to keep Assab with them, don't worry, it won't be a fight that will be fought for more than one or two weeks when Ethiopia is led by Ethiopians! No matter what, Kinjit or no Kinjit, Assab will be back to its historical owner. The question of Assab transcends political differences and party loyalty.

Postby A.Geremew » 01 May 2007, 04:49

Olli - Eqqa,

I have a doubt that you are an Arab or Eritrean guy. If I am wrong and if you are Ethiopian, you have to set your mind towards the sense of self worth and hope for the future. When we give values and respects each other, that is a new phase to work together and hopefully we can cope the miserable life we had in the past. Let your mind work.

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