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The best person of the day; ObamaJR

Postby Adamu » 13 Mar 2012, 07:59

I have seen the productive contribution by ObamaJR about the Tigray people in both Eretria and Ethiopia. He tapped the missing point and also the facts between the Tigray people in both Eretria and Ethiopia. Is thrue that, without support from Eritrean leaders and people, this Akrari Askari and Ashebir Meles and Tigray [deleted] will not stay in the kingdom palace and forest in Finfine, and lead big communities, like Oromiya, Ogaden and Amara people.

Therefore, we need to encourage the team members because of their constructive contributions in building the relationships among the communities, saying the facts about the people, and contribution to regional and national peace building and integration of the communities. In this regard, the best person of the day is ObamaJR. ObamaJR, well done, thanks and keep like that and be with Oromiya all the way from Kereyu to Wuchale.

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