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Postby Jason » 29 Jun 2007, 11:36

The evidence is right infront of you. You simply registered under Abiel Qael using the same computer. ER just updated all of your postings to Abiel ......


What do you expect from a Dedebit school thoughts graduates....this fool thinks he can fool like minded people with his mambo jumbo. Ke zimb mar aytebek. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Postby AbyssiniaLady » 30 Jun 2007, 14:14

olliqqa wrote:What did you called me you stupid son of asmaran street prostitute.What you called me you son of eritrean prostitute who sell her stinky [deleted] for as low as 10-25 are really the son of the lady prostitute who gave birth in the middle of street and throw you in the street where you growen up on the Asmaran barenda.That is why you don't have role model.And insulting one of the biggest ethinic slave group in Africa.Wake up you are the son of the begger lady in eritrea.where do you know my people,they never went to eritrea to are the son of eritrea who came to my land to got it.if you need more just holla me.I will tell you your really might learn a lot from me.[deleted]!!!!!

Postby Yared » 30 Jun 2007, 15:18

Asmera malet ember manim abebe wala zeleqe aykonkun . <<<<

I ain't no Eritrean, but never seen an Eritrean spell AsmAra as in "AsmEra"

You fake weyane Tigre, quit it!

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