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Tigray People Liberation Front Security Appratus On The Move

Postby Tigray People Fight » 08 Mar 2018, 19:19

It is early memory when the Higly sophisticated the TIGRAY People Liberation Front Security Appratus was and is one of the best security Appratus in the entire world gathering information ,spying on enemies, breaking codes on the battlefield, assessing enemies troops movement, spying on wanted criminals/civilians is on the move to repeat its historical contributions for the front and for Tigray People to hunt down all criminals elements in EPRDF,Civilians, foreign spies to face Justice in the Court Of Law.

The ugly Savage Gallas and inferior Amhara foreign sponsored terrorists protests that aimed to commit genocide, massacaring, innocent defenseless ethnic have angered the entire Tigray People and Tigray People Liberation Front far more than any recent time of history to ever be more vigilant and hunt down the Enemies so they can be brought to face Justice in the Court Of Law.

The entire OPDO,ANDM top leaders and thier collaborators who caused massacres by aiding and abaiting the terrorists Savage Gallas, inferior Amhara to commit massacres on Innocent defenseless Ethiopia Somali, Tigray People,and other ethnic groups is under servialince and all information was gathered for the past 3 years and to date for future prosecution.

The game have changed in Ethiopia.The brave heroicTigray People and TPLF will never be as kind, generous as before to Savage Gallas and inferior Amhara .

Long Live Tigray People!!!!!

Tigray People Will Triumph!!!!

Tigray People Will Defeat All Thier Enemies!!!

Tigray People Republic Will Be Strong!!!

Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!!!

Re: Tigray People Liberation Front Security Appratus On The Move

Postby Tigray People Fight » 08 Mar 2018, 20:39

The True Banda Amhara along with thier slaves ugly Savage Gallas who sold the entire TIGRAY Land (Eritrea) and it's people to European power colonizers to slavery for money,guns are once again begging white People to meddle in the country internal affairs in the hope the white People will put the Savage Amhara and Savage Gallas on the helm of power because the coward Savage Gallas and Amhara refused to fight on the battlefield for thier causes and sacrifice them selves .

The Brave heroicTigray People fought against numerous powerful combatants during the 17 years bitter wars by themselves and crushed the largest Ethiopia Army in Africa by sacrificing them selves for thier causes and grabbed State power by force and liberated the entire Nation nationalities.

The Coward ugly Savage Gallas got everything they have today such as human dignity, Respect,Self governing,Culture freedom, development thanks to the Tigray People sacrifice who gave them everything on a silver platter without the scumbag Savage Gallas sacrifice.

Today the ugly Savage Gallas and inferior Amhara are once again collaborating with foreign powers by back stabbing the liberators of Ethiopia the mighty Tigray People in the hope to be on power so they can commit genocide on all nation nationalities which thier evil pipe dream.

An endless Civil Wars among the ugly Savage Gallas clans,sub clans, religious sectors,and a pending invasion from Ethiopia Somali awaits them let alone for the Savage Gallas and inferior Amhara to rule Ethiopia.

Long Live Tigray People!!!

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