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The Meaning of Political Reform

Postby gebre » 08 Mar 2018, 14:02

The Meaning of Political Reform

1. "Political reform means improving the laws and constitutions in accordance with expectations of the public. Requirements of all the segments of the society are included in ‘public expectations’. Like the rich or poor, right wing or left wing, cattiest or communalist, centrist or decembrist, extremist or moderate, theist or atheist, domestic or foreign, social or selfish. In a democracy, everybody bears equal rights of a single vote, but their equal participation in decision-making process of the state is not ensured. Hence, for political reform to ensure minimum economic equity is needed" We Ethiopians are totally devoted for that and we will also abolish our own article 39.

2. "Political reform means evolving such an electoral system by which gentility could be empowered in the state machinery" The present system completely must change and rewrite the constitution. We Ethiopians are ready to do that.

3. "Political reform means evolving such a constitution of a political party, so that the party working through that constitution may be able to work for political reforms" In Ethiopia case the present constitution was written by Melese Zenawe in intend to control the mass of the Ethiopian people and today Ethiopia will dismantle the said and we will rewrite our own. We will do that.

4. "Political reform means evolving such an structure of polity by which not only horizontal sovereignties of Ethiopia but vertical sovereignties of the world, hemisphere, could also be recognized and the respective share in the politico-economic power" We Ethiopian expected to see it now and we will do that.

5. "Political reform means evolving such a draft of a global treaty and working to ractify the same so that a judicious politico-economic order could be implemented. We Ethiopian expected to see it now"

6. If we Ethiopians accept a political reform by only having a new PM change whom he will become the manger of the agames store and the store owners demand and tell him what to do and then, the people Ethiopia will not go for that.

7. If the thieves are not willing to leave our people and their office alone and then, we will remove all the leadership and send them to jail and let them wait for their days in court. :P :P :P :P
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Re: The Meaning of Political Reform In Ethiopia

Postby gebre » 08 Mar 2018, 16:34

Halafi Mengedi we will get rid of article 39. What are you going to do?

Re: The Meaning of Political Reform In Ethiopia

Postby gebre » 09 Mar 2018, 00:56

Please, hung Halafi Mengedi! :P :P :P :P

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