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Thomas H bitchin' N twichin'

Postby Revelations » 08 Mar 2018, 12:50

Siraj Fegesa accurately described the situation as color revolution.

One of the signatures of such western sponsored regime-change plot is how they present (misrepresent) the situation in the ground using their diplomats, the human rights industry, media (including tweaking social media algorithms), etc.

Just like Egypt, Syria, Lybia and other places, they exaggerate protests, paint rosy pictures of unrest, suppress reports of ethnic attacks and other lawlessness, finance clandestine groups and then pose themselves as mediators.

All this until Morsi grabs power.

Then they start dealing with the other side to "fix" the mess again.

Amidst that, millions are impoverished, thousands killed, institutions are dismantled.

But to the imperialist mindset, all these are collateral damages in the course of civilizing backward countries. Or, as the honest among them put it, expanding their ideological hegemony and global market share.

The good thing is, these imperial forces are decaying from within and their influence is declining by the day. ... 9137904880

Re: Thomas H bitchin' N twichin'

Postby Revelations » 08 Mar 2018, 15:58

7) Some anticipate that Rex Tillerson - guided (or misguided) by understaffed State Dept and by the Atlantic Council lobby - might try to dictate the power arrangement in Addis Ababa. Since the Trump administration is known for gaffes, it is difficult to rule out that possibility.

But to anyone who knows a thing or two about Ethiopians, any such interferrence from Rex Tillerson would be a kiss of death on whomever is his favorite.

More importantly, it could as well be a kiss of death on the nation itself by triggering another round of chaos.

Let's see how the Americans behave this time. ... 2988408219

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