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Woyane must be very careful not to sale out our struggle by America carrot and stick

Postby Halafi Mengedi » 06 Mar 2018, 11:29

Somali, Afar, Tigray, Qimant, Beneshangule, Gambela and Southern nations do not need America aid or any kind of suggestion how to live in their own country.

The American secretary of state must be told that the country has a constitution like America to be govern above everyone and in that constitution clearly states any ethnic does not feel part of the union or oppressed then they can take their article 39 to create their own to live the way they want and no need any other alternative or advise by anyone. The country issues are for the country citizens to be determined by their own people not any other foreign entity for others interests. Woyane must reject any suggestion by the Americans during their stay in the country.

The American friendship, World bank and other institutions honeymoon is over for Woyane Tigray, our next honeymoon must be our own ingenuity, hard work, our resources to depend on and live free from the influence of any other foreign entities. The Above ethnics must form alliance as one block Kilil and must come up with a mechanism to develop and produce enough food to be self-reliance from any other foreign countries. Moving forward our relationship should be the Asian countries and the old Eastern European and Russia not West Europeans or America, specially we must get out from the influence of America and we should undermine them and ignore them. At the end of the day America is always the enemy of its own ally friends than having sustain friendship. My advice to Woyane Tigray is first pay off all the remaining balance for the Abay Dam construction even if you have to take out all the reserve hard currency and put them in another friendly country escrow to be disbursed up on completion of the construction please do it without any hesitation. Second sign an accord with the above ethnics to create your own one block Kilil, the future of one nation. Third open roads to link each of the above ethnics. Fourth you must device a sustainable plan how each ethnic of the new one block alliance can produce, specially food for domestic and cash crops for export. The new block will be richer if they create their own nation than living the way it is now, because you will have less chigarams but more resources to produce domestic food for the citizens and cash crop for export. Tigray must regain all looted Tigray lands by Amharu including Dehre Bahri to Angereb river, Tigray must end feeding Amharu kids, Tigray lands and resources must be for Tigrayans and our new alliance ethnics not the enemy Amhara.
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Re: Woyane must be very careful not to sale out our struggle by America stick and carrot

Postby Halafi Mengedi » 06 Mar 2018, 13:45

Chew Lerash Bleh tafit alebelezia Dngay Blew Yituluhal.

The america case is the same if they want to be respected and work for common goal we will listen to you if not then mind your own business.

Re: Woyane must be very careful not to sale out our struggle by America carrot and stick

Postby Halafi Mengedi » 07 Mar 2018, 02:08

All the opposition and Gallaa and Amhara within EPRDF are talking about transitional government, Tigray should not allow that we must dismantle the country than surrender to gallaa and Amhara. Tigray must keep the country for few years and control abay Dam, bring the smaller ethnics to one Kilil with Tigray and prepare our people and let them dismantle Ethiopia and create new nations. Tigray cannot and will not live peacefully with Amhara and gallaa. There is no gain for Tigray to stay with the union and Ethiopia must be dismantled and Tigray regain its looted land from amhara and it will be more than enough for Tigrayans to live on happily with the other smaller ethnics as one nation with fewer populations and half of the country resources. What a bargain will be if our leaderships make it reality???

Re: Woyane must be very careful not to sale out our struggle by America carrot and stick

Postby ethiopian » 07 Mar 2018, 09:14

your white must Mastah saw what is coming - its slave is running out of energy to continue. they saw how Galla is bulldozing your aga.ame AN.U.S ---- I say have mercy on Poor Tigray people who will be punished for the sins of the few TPLF rats

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