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Agame E.P.L.F Leaders Are Masters Of All Eritrea

Postby Tigray People Fight » 05 Mar 2018, 19:44

The Eritreans People Liberation Front from day one in Eritrea was created by Agame People from Tigray born in Akel Guzay to combat the budaa amhara and Savage Gallas who were hiding behind the name Ethiopia to commit crimes , genocide on innocent defenseless Tigray People and Eritreans.

The EPLF Agame Leaders , Commanders biggest mistake was to start a war with thier Masters The Tigray People who the entire eritrea lands and it's People inherintley belongs to the TIGRAY People.

The Tigray People are the True ancient people of Africa and the owners of the red Sea which will be returned to them in the near future.

The EPLF Agame Leaders and Commanders are doing a great job punishing the inferior Eritreans who betrayed the Tigray People and are trying to creat Arab identity, insulting thier Masters agames, Coward culture,thive culture ,lie culture , Banda culture s being punished by the Agame EPLF Leaders, commanders and security Appratus.

The proud Eritreans who hates the Coward Amhara and Savage Gallas are working hard to reclaim thier true Ethnic Tigray Identity and are willing to punish the budaa amhara Savage Gallas and Dirty Gurages .

Indeed the brave Tigray People are ruling the entier Eritrea and Ethiopia and they will continue to dominate the entire Africa in the coming centuries until a proud TIGRAY People Republic Is born that will help theTigray People to become the most powerful country in Africa and the world.

Long Live Tigray People!!!

Tigray People Will Triumph!!!!

Tigray People Republic Will Be Stronger!!!

Re: Agame E.P.L.F Leaders Are Masters Of All Eritrea

Postby Tigray People Fight » 05 Mar 2018, 20:03

As everyone can see the proud Eritreans will never come to Ethiopia website to begg the budaa Amhara and the Savage Gallas to Fight the Tigray People for them.

These Eritreans who goes on all Ethiopia website to begg others to fight TPLF Army for them are pure inferior Eritreans, Coward Eritreans who are powerless in eritrea and the diaspora and are Slaves of all Tigray People.

The proud Tigray People are the owners of Eritrea and Ethiopia since time immomirial and have every right to keep Ethiopia or dismantle Ethiopia as they wish.

And the Tigray People Agame Leaders, Agame commanders of EPLF and other Agames are the Masters of all Eritreans in eritrea and the diaspora because the Tigray People are the true ancient People in the entier world.

We are Proud To Be Tigray People!!!!

Long Live Tigray People!!!!

Re: Agame E.P.L.F Leaders Are Masters Of All Eritrea

Postby Tigray People Fight » 05 Mar 2018, 21:06

The inferior Eritreans who goes around on Ethiopia website to insult the proud Brave heroicTigray People and who harmed Innocent Tigray People in the past in Eritrea will be hunted down by the brave Agame People so these inferior Eritreans can face Justice in the Court Of Law.

We Are Proud To Be Agame!!!

Long Live The Tigray People!!!!!

Re: Agame E.P.L.F Leaders Are Masters Of All Eritrea

Postby Tigray People Fight » 06 Mar 2018, 19:22

The Agame EPLF Leaders are the liberators of eritreans and the enslavers of eritreans.The Agame EPLF Leaders have definitely enslavers the entire eritrea until they decide to give them mercy.The inferior Eritreans who dare to insults thier masters Tigray People have being punished in eritrea, Ethiopia and the diaspora.

Proud Eritreans who embrace Thier Ethnic Tigray Identity and who hates the ugly Savage Galla and inferior Amhara are being welcomed by the brave Tigray People to live in Ethiopia and become prosperous .

Long Live Tigray People!!!

Tigray People Will Defeat All Thier Enemies!!!

Tigray People Republic Will Be Strong!!!!

Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!!!

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