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Re: [*BREAKING QUESTION*] What Will Happen In Oromia If Oromo is Not Appointed As PM??? Does EPRDF Nominee Automatically Become PM or Must Parliament Confirm Nominee?? Is this end of EPRDF??

Postby DefendTheTruth » 26 Feb 2018, 17:23

somali-prince wrote:Ato defend,

The demand of qeero goes beyond abiy ahmed I assume. I met a good oromo friend of mine at starbucks earlier and we had a good chat. He is a staunch supporter of the qeero and believes that those properties destroyed were ill gotten riches which should be destroyed. That is his own words. I usually tend to stand with the truth, as much as I support qeeros and overall oromo demand for greater justice and rule of law, nevertheless, burning properties be it commercial and residential that belong to tigreys and somalis would only exacerbate the already tense and hostile situation between the different ethnic groups.

Earlier today, a property built on a road reserve by the former first lady of nigeria was demolished. But the difference is that it was ordered by a court with the right jurisdiction. It listened to both arguments and finally made the decision. Qeeros should wait for the right time when the country achieves total democracy backed by strong and independent judiciary which I strongly believe is mirage.

Okay, then I assmue that their demand is open-ended, otherwise there must be some stated goal (target) which should be used as a guiding principle in all the actions and reactions to be undertaken along the way.

These youth could have done themselves better if they tried to make themselves productive citizens. They chant the whole day on the streets and when they got hungery they must go home and look for something to eat. Did they think about how that came about?

I read about some of them who were chanting before some years and now turned refugees, and started their violence in Europe too. But there they have to be taught how to act responsibily. Those are looked after well to learn how to behave responsibily, and the violence has subdued there by now.

In Ethiopia the so called Oromia police will be held accountable if what you called "independent judiciary" is to come about.

If you are young and not productive, then you are doomed to be a burden on someone down the road. Those in power can leave and retire and go somewhere but the people whose property is being destroyed today will have to pay for it for generations to come.

Those who are orcahsterating such actions must be enemy of the people!

Re: [*BREAKING QUESTION*] What Will Happen In Oromia If Oromo is Not Appointed As PM??? Does EPRDF Nominee Automatically Become PM or Must Parliament Confirm Nominee?? Is this end of EPRDF??

Postby Ethoash » 27 Feb 2018, 03:23

DefendTheTruth wrote:....if they opt to electing someone on the merit of his/her policy instead of due to his/her ethnic background. .....

If you are hoping that I will give you my vote just because you are my ethnic kin, then you better head for a big hole, from where you will never come back again!


IF u compering Robel Kiros Habte vs Michael Phelps merit play a roll .. regardless of Robel is ur kin u should vote fo Phelps for excellence but now we r compering two equal level merit candidate LIMMA OR DR.ABEY both of them r highly qualified to govern .... so if u have 3 candidate and 3 of them equally qualified all u have to do is choice an oromo speaker because if the two are only speaking Amhric the oromo speaker have added advantage simple by speaking afan oromia ... as i said we have quotation of merit all r equally qualified then it is a matter of choice ..

in America the voted for Obama some of them based on his skin color but not only in skin color alone but Obama was highly qualified Obama being black is his plus not determine factor it is just a plus ... on example is let say u have business in China and u considering sales person to send to China to make the deal u have 3 worker to choice and all of them are highly qualified but one of them speak Chinese now who r u going to send ? it doesnt matter who u sent but if u send the Chinese speaker it would be much better that all.. at this time of Ethiopia were we r at cross section we should choice oromo leader not because he is less qualified but he have added value being an oromo and make a watershed moment to make history and to give the oromo people hope

to me there is win win scenario if kero and fano stop triggering revolution and set down and discuss ... riot and looting and destroying our peace and order doesnt benefit anyone .. we will lose our Ethiopia and we become like Syria ...

do u remember Clinton:said "The world will not waver, Assad must go" now USA embassy meddling in our affair trust me if we lose our country and if we become refugee and homeless the America will shut their door on us.. no body want us... therefore it is our responsibility to keep our mama Ethiopia alive

Re: [*BREAKING QUESTION*] What Will Happen In Oromia If Oromo is Not Appointed As PM??? Does EPRDF Nominee Automatically Become PM or Must Parliament Confirm Nominee?? Is this end of EPRDF??

Postby Ethoash » 28 Feb 2018, 02:12

Dear Pest .

pls dont change the subject i am in hot pursuit regarding merit over ethnic and i answer it beautifully

I GIVE example if u r a beating man Robel Kiros Habte vs Michael Phelps u should beat on Phelps if u beat on Robel then u must be idiot

now Muktar Edris beats Mo Farah .. u should beat on Edris if ur Ethiopian u should beat on Edris regardless of the out come why because the out come is so close it is a matter of choice.. here merit is not a question because both Edris and Farah highly qualified to win so putting beat on anyone of them will work to ur advantage.. but not Robel Kiros Habte vs Michael Phelps .. in this case only merit is the deciding factor

so the moral of the story is election between Limma and Abey is like choosing between Muktar Edris beats Mo Farah

now if u have Lidetu Ayalew, limma and Abey 3 OF Them highly qualified but u choice who ever u think right for the job and u cant be wrong ...

what happened did i shut down this thread .. did i checkmate this thread what happened

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